Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Sunday Hike on Mount Washington

The weather report said cloudy with showers throughout the day. We decided to pack our rain gear and go anyway. There is an urgency about these lingering autumn days that beguiles us into being outdoors as much as possible.

Mount Washington is Vancouver Island's skiing destination. But below the mountain lie the  meadows, streams, muskeg, and lakes of Strathcona Provincial Park. In May we visited the park - it was still completed covered in snow.

Wooden bridges cross creeks and boardwalks of sweet smelling cedar traverse soggy alpine meadows. A few scattered wildflowers are evidence of summer's lingering presence.

A bit of climbing brought us to Lake Helen McIntyre. Reddening blueberry bushes signal the swift change to autumn that occurs this month.

Misty fog drifted across the trees. Clouds came and went as we perched on a lakeside rock to eat roast beef sandwiches, apples and dark chocolate. Mugs of hot tea from Tim's thermos were the perfect accompaniment.

This little island looked intriguing. The clouds looked threatening, but soon blew over.

The stepping stones were perfectly placed. A walk around the island took at least 2 full minutes.

There were sweet wild blueberries to nibble on. Last bursts of summer in our mouths.

Bright vistas to enchant our eyes,

and darkly mysterious views to thrill our souls.

A few light drizzles were all that materialized from the wet forecast. 

Nearing the end of our 10 kilometer hike, we sat on a bench to soak in the beauty and enjoy another cup of tea. A bright blue jay danced in front of us on the boardwalk. Free entertainment of the very best sort.

Home again, in time for a shower and then church. We were so glad that we ignored the weather forecast. Our souls once again found solace and renewal in creation. Soon the autumn rains will dampen the meadows and then snows will blanket the trails. For now, we enjoy each sunny moment, holding them in our summer memories.

"You have made known to me the path of life;
you will fill me with joy in your presence,
with eternal pleasures at your right hand."
Psalm 16:11 


  1. Hey..I live in enumclaw ,do you know where that is?? Love the green everywhere! Come on by for a very special giveaway!

  2. Your descriptions of scene and picnic with your beloved make me want to take off for my own Mt. Washington.

  3. It's a beautiful part of our island, isn't it? I love the photo of the green water - so cool, so clear and so peaceful.
    Wishing you a good week....

  4. I cannot say how much this sort of hike would appeal to me, provided I could take Benno, of course.
    The wonders and beauty of creation right there at your feet, for you to explore, to appreciate, to cherish and draw into yourself.

    A lovely hike with gorgeous views, which I can share thanks to your photos.

  5. It looks like you made the most of Sunday...whatever the weather! Great photos.

  6. good photo of the blue jay. They don't often sit still long enough for the camera to focus. Did he try to steal your lunch?

  7. Anonymous6:22 AM

    Hello Lorrie! I just came across a link to your blog from a comment you made at My French Country Home. I saw your name and decided to visit. My name is Nancy Orr, I have a brother named Tim, an aunt named Sadie, a great aunt named Adria. It just seems to be such a coincidence, I had to comment. This will show up as anonymous, but my email is You have a great blog, I'll definitely keep visiting. Your photographs are gorgeous.


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