Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Oh, the Flowers

The Bride has always loved yellow roses. For her wedding she wanted rich, saturated colours of golden yellow, rich red, orange and dark wines and pinks.

This is her bouquet. She wanted a wild, loose look, which was achieved by adding berries, snapdragons, eggplant callas, and those fascinating folded flowers whose name escapes me.

Eggplant ribbon, intricately tied around each bouquet was so pretty.

Here is a bridesmaid's bouquet, a smaller version of the Bride's. They just glowed. Each bouquet was lovingly put together by either the Bride's sister-in-law (who also made the cake) or a close family friend. 

Four of us gathered the day before the wedding to prepare the flowers. Oh what a fun day it was. We met at our friend's place overlooking the water. On her deck we cut stems, stripped leaves, arranged and chatted. The Friend and the Sister-in-law did the bouquets, and corsages, while the Sister and I put together the table arrangements and other flowers.

Dahlias are just so varied - so many shapes and colours. We had big buckets of them. Some were used for the tables, others for the Bride's Flower Trees - curly willow branches placed in buckets with bunches of flowers tied on with jute.

Clustered around the old farm equipment at the Historical Site the flower trees added fresh colour to the venue.

More beautiful dahlias. 

Here is the preparation site for the flowers. Flower vases lined the deck. In keeping with the Bride's wish for casual and vintagey, the vases were purchased from thrift stores in various shades of green, pink, purple, gold and clear glass. 

And one last shot of the glowing flowers.

All of the photos in this post, except for the last two, were shot by Katie, the Sister-in-law. She volunteered to take lots of photos of the details of the wedding while the rest of us were busy with other things. I'm so glad she did.


  1. Wow! That deck looks so great with all those flowers about. It looks as if it must have been crazy fun!

  2. Lorrie - your daughter's wedding must have been so meaningful. When so many of you were involved in making the floral bouquets just participating in creating such beautiful arrangements together must have been such a special time. And the results were unique and so beautiful. Thanks for sharing these pictures.

  3. How beautiful! And I know it was all pure joy!

  4. Oh Lorrie, What incredible flowers. Heavenly. Your daughter was a stunning bride. Her dress was perfect in every way. Very regal. She is one talented young lady.
    The bridal party looks like they stepped right out of a magazine.
    I just love weddings and your daughter's wedding looks amazing.

    Fabulous table setting.

    Big hugs,

  5. Lorrie, I can feel the love poured into these lovely flower arrangements...

  6. What beauty........ I loved the color combos........... your daughter has an exquisite eye!

    Must take after her momma!

  7. Wow... gorgeous arrangements! Sounds like so much fun, filled with very special time preparing all the details.

  8. Breathtaking blooms, Lorrie. The most memorable wedding flowers I've seen were also natural & loose. This post was a treat!

  9. So many flowers... what's not to like about it ????
    I really love the flower trees, what a good idea ! It must have been really fun to put the bouquets together.


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