Thursday, September 09, 2010

I spoke too soon....

How could I forget the groom? And the family wedding photos? And the groomsmen?
There will be more to come. For some I'll have to wait for the professional photos.

Above is the groom encouraging his nephew, the ringbearer, to walk down that long aisle. He did a great job. 
The sweet flower girls were too shy.

And the four bridesmaids, standing in a pool of light. So beautiful.

Each of the groomsmen had a pocket square that matched the sashes on the bridal attendants' dresses. Don't they look handsome in their tail coats?

Although this is a bit blurred, it's a wonderful shot - the groom kicking up his heels as he and the bride walk back down the aisle after the ceremony.


  1. What a happy day that must have been! The groom's leap for joy says it all!

  2. Love that blurry 'kickin' up the heels' photo.

  3. I just looked over your last few wedding posts--what a beautiful event! The bride is a beauty! Everything was a stand out and so unique! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Lorrie,
    All of the wedding posts are so wonderful! What a beautiful bride. She looks radiant and her dress and headpiece are stunning. Love the bridesmaids dresses and sashes. The groomsmen look so handsome and groom of course looks daper! Love that last photo. They are quite the handsome couple.

  5. Everyone is handsome and beautiful! The church is gorgeous!!!!

  6. Oh Lorrie, what joy and happiness...we need to bottle that love..

  7. What a beautiful wedding. Lots of wonderful details. LOVE the cake. Weddings are a LOT of work, well done. Clarice

  8. Kicking up the heels is wonderful. Enjoying all the photos. A totally joyous occasion to be celebrated again and again.

  9. The groom kicking up his heels, he is obviously delighted. Such a likeness of yourself in the bride.


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