Monday, December 31, 2007

Another year over, a new one just begun

Making resolutions for the New Year doesn't really work for me. I soon fail, leaving behind faint traces of disappointment in my own ability to stick with something. Rather, I tend to take time throughout the year to evaluate and make adjustments.
But someone on a chat group I belong to (Timeless Bliss - yahoo) suggested creating a theme for the year. I've been thinking about it for several weeks and this is what I've come up with.
I want to create in many forms. Words, fabric, paper, homemaking, gardening. I tend to second-guess my own abilities, wondering if I'm just wasting my time and should devote myself to something more productive - ie, more lucrative. But the urge to create just won't go away. I feed it and I'm rewarded in turn by more creativity.
This year, rather than dampen those creative urges, I'm going to give in to them, believing that they were put there by God and that results can be safely left up to him.
One of the first things I'm going to create is a collage to hang in my office/studio with these words on it - to remind me of my theme throughout this year.

In Belief...Create

Check back in a week or more - I'm taking a few days away with my dearest friend, my husband.
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  1. Lorrie,

    You are indeed a kindred spirit. I have really felt the same way about this new year in that I want to give myself to creativity. My husband has begun this past year to be my biggest cheerleader (after 21 years of marriage) and is just urging me along. It is a newfound joy to have him so supportive! So I am looking forward to the ways the Lord will lead me in my creativity, too.

    Blessings to you and the Happiest of New Year's Days,

    Charm & Grace

  2. I just found your post on my blog. You said you found me via Barbara in England. I'm glad I checked my comments :).
    My word for 2007 was change. This year? Hope. As a grandbaby arrives and as my son departs tomorrow for deployment in the Middle East.

  3. Anonymous1:55 PM

    In Belief.....Creat. That's beautiful.

    Have a wonderful time with your best friend.

  4. Have a great time with your husband away.
    I too do not do resolutions. I trust in The Motivator, Jesus Christ to order my day.


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