Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Complicated Paper

I read an article in a Somerset Studio magazine about creating "complicated paper" to cut up and use in other projects. Basically, it's a large sheet of varied papers. I used a sheet of tissue paper and then added scraps of whatever I had - mostly scrapbooking paper, but also pieces of old music, a letter, some wallpaper scraps and paper lace doilies. I glued it all down, let it dry, then painted over it with an uneven wash of blue paint. After that dried I went over some areas with watered down pearlized paint.

Today I hope to iron it all flat and then cut it up into pieces for the project I have in mind. More on that later.

What is more relaxing in the evening than a cup of tea or hot chocolate and a lovely magazine (or book) accompanied by the flicker of candlelight? Aahh.
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kyllimarjaana said...

Smart thing you did with those papers .Long time ago I made painting like that ,framed it and hanget it on the wall . What a nice moments I had with my friends . They looked it on ewery whihc way wonderin what it is suppose to show . They were surprised when I told them NOTHING . Only some peaces of paper . Fit my wall colour .-By the way , are you Finnish descent .

Caleen said...

I love what you did with the papers. looks like a fun project. I will be curious to see what you make out of it. I love Sommerset Magazine. I save all of mine. So many projects I want to do.. now, if only I had more time. You are right. Evenings especially when it is cold to just relax. My favorite thing to do when I can.

Anonymous said...

Beaucoup de neige en Provence, alors ce sera encore feu de bois, DVD et magazines !

Charm and Grace said...

Your candle, Victoria, and toile vignette tug at my heartstrings... oh for a little time and solitude to enjoy such a setting. I am busy with my artwork and computer issues now, so am still looking forward to getting out my old January Victorias and my new one... and taking some quiet time to let the beauty infuse my spirit (my spirit is dealing with "lack of sound on my computer" issues right now and could use something beautiful and more soothing! LOL.)


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