Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Love Bird Mobile Tutorial and a Giveaway

Love, twitters, sweet kisses, hearts and flowers add up to Valentine's Day! It's coming soon!

I've been playing in the evenings - having fun at my desk. I came up with this idea for a Valentine mobile and thought I'd share it with you. The days are grey and cloudy and the pictures reflect that, but here goes.

1. Collect your supplies. I used scrapbooking cardstock, but any firm paper would work. Scissors, glue, a few embellishments and you're set. You'll need thread for hanging the birds - I used a quilting thread for strength, but regular thread would work too.

2. Cut out the pieces. You'll need the number indicated on the pattern below. I think if you click on the picture and print it full page you'll end up with the same size that I have.

3. Cut pieces of thread - they can be trimmed to size later, I cut mine about 5 inches to begin with.
4. Spread a thin layer of glue on one side of two birds (opposites, not pairs). Lay the thread at the top, then place the matching bird over it and glue the two together. Do the same with the two heart pieces.

This is what you'll end up with - two birds and one heart patterned on each side, with a thread peeking out the top.

5. Spread a layer of glue onto one of the circles. Place the bird and heart pieces where you want them fit into the circle and carefully lay the threads across the glue. Fit the second circle over the threads. I recommend setting a heavy book over the pieces at this point to let them dry perfectly flat. 6. Then the fun begins - embellishment! I cut the tops off feathers to get just the right size for the wings. And what's Valentine's Day without a sparkle in the eye?

For the heart, I added a stem of flowers, then the banner on which I've written "love" on one side and "l'amour" on the other. A bit of glitter on the banner never hurts, either.

7. Add a thread at the top for hanging. I used a needle and poked it directly through the two layers of cardstock, then knotted it. I think it will be stronger this way. Hang your pretty mobile in a window and watch those lovebirds twirl and dance.

If you leave a comment and a way to contact you, I'll pick out 2 names on Sunday, January 18 and send each the cut pieces to make this mobile. I'll include the paper, the feathers, sparkly eyes and flowers. You'll have to add the glue and thread, that's all! Oh, and maybe a bit of glitter.

This is a fun and easy project!


  1. Ok, I HAVE to leave a comment about how absolutely adorable this is!

  2. Well, I'm coming back right on time it seems ! It's a lovely idea, and I was already thinking of making one. Well there could be a faster way !
    Thanks for this idea :))

  3. Very sweet I especially like the feathers on the birds. Nice tutorial too.

  4. I love the way you talk about playing when making these beautiful craft things.

  5. my goodness lorrie! simply marvelous!! I love your mobile with the birds and feathers yum yum!! great job :) xox anna tremblay (cpa)

  6. Well aren't you clever! Very nice :)

  7. Okay, I'm whipping one up this afternoon...I hope!

    This is so sweet and I thank you for sharing it.

    Thanks, too, for your visit to my corner. No floods and no avalanches? You must be living in God's country, which is what I've begun calling BC.

  8. wow ! so great about you . your creativity is very beautiful and different. I love your arts and of course your blog too much.

  9. Anonymous10:30 AM

    This is darling. I am going to make one today and maybe a couple for gifts. Thank you!

    Mermaids of the Lake

  10. Thanks for the time and care you put into sharing this exceptional craft idea! I'm on the road right now but look forward to trying it out when I get home!

  11. I came over after seeing Vee's mobile on her blog -- it came out great, and she told all her readers to come over and look at your lovely blog, which I'm glad I did!

    This is so sweet! Thanks!

  12. Sweet and simple. Great projects don't HAVE to be complicated. Love it!

  13. I love it and it looks easy to do!

  14. Really clever. And the little birds with feathers are over the top. I am so into birds right now. So cute.

    I got here from the CPA group. Thanks for the drawing. I just had a giveaway on my homeschool blog. They are a lot of fun.

  15. Anonymous12:03 PM

    First time visiting your blog, I will be back its very sweet! Love the mobile idea!

  16. This is too adorable! I'm thinking it would be perfect for a little early Valentine gift for teachers. (My son has a lot of "issues", therefore, a LOT of teachers, assistants, various therapists, etc....) I like to give them little things throughout the year, not just on special occasions because I appreciate them too much for words.

    Anyway, THANK YOU for sharing this! I think I'll make several to share with them. Hopefully, I'll remember to take pictures (I'm really bad at that!) and I will link back to you.

  17. Love your blog and LOVE,LOve is darling mobile! Is it too early to think about Valentine Day? Such a sweet project! I can't wait to make one Thanks and Have a Wonderful Sunday~


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