Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stitch, stitch, stitch

I've decided to stop packing for a week or so or else I'm going to be living in a maze of boxes. The closets are pretty much cleaned out, crafting/sewing supplies are in boxes, bookshelves are empty, all the offseason clothes are packed away and the china cabinet is bare. The pictures are still on the walls, but there's time yet.

So...I'm studying like crazy and stitching when I have a few minutes in the evening.

A bouquet of flowers, a number "3", and some sort of viney-snowdrop-ish square that might get ripped out.

A simple singing bluebird.

And what I've accomplished so far. I'm not following Amy's directions to do the squares one after the other in orderly fashion. I've always been a bit scattered that way. I like the idea of a square here and another one there, and then filling in the gaps. Some squares are outlined already - if I had thread leftover I decided to use it rather than wind it back onto the bobbin for later.

I'm thinking a tree might be next.

There is a growing list of participants on the sidebar of the blog - it's still not too late to join in. I'd like to point your way to someone who started recently. I think Sparks is doing a great job.


  1. This is looking more wonderful every day! What will it become? I probably ought to go follow your link to see...

    Good idea to ease up on the've got to eat on something, you've got to wear something, you've got to look at something. :D

  2. I love your sweet bouquet of flowers. I especially like the way you stitched the ribbon with bow. I also am not stitching in an orderly fashion, I started out in the middle, branched out and then will move to another section. I also like the idea of filling in the gaps.

  3. I love how yours is turning out! The beauty of this project is that everyone does it in their own style;)

  4. Your colors are so pretty and your bird is wonderful!


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