Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Hint of Spring

Smoke curls from the chimneys.
Sullen gray sky.
White-covered ground, or soggy bare brown.

Anticipating the January doldrums, I planted, in mid-December, several pots of paper white narcissus.  

Now, faint, intoxicating scent drifts through the air. So sweet, so evocative of warmer, sunnier days to come. The magic of creation - such beauty contained in dull bulbs. Hope. 

Just a clarification - in my last post I gave in to a bit of silliness. I am not really hoping for a castle/house exchange. But I wouldn't turn one down, either.


  1. Lorrie, your paper whites have done so much better than mine. mine are over, having grown to about 4 feet in height and produced very little flower! Yours are beautiful.

  2. With the sun shining on the narcissus in your photo I can almost smell them! Heavenly.

  3. hi lorrie,
    your paperwhite narcissus is gorgeous
    have a wonderful restweek,
    hugs regina

  4. The paperwhites will certainly lift your spirits. I think I'll do the same thing and hope they bloom sometime before spring happens here ...about the end of May...

  5. I have given paper whites as a gift several times, but have never had any of my own. I always thought it would be wonderful to have flowers in Jan!!

  6. Love the look of paperwhites, but have never been able to handle the scent. I knew that you were just joshing yesterday, but still, don't be surprised.

    Oh so glad that I could provide a few chuckles. I have laughed myself silly reading the comments. When Karen/Happyone said that it sounded as if I were riding a horse, I really cracked up. At least she didn't say that I sounded like a horse. :D

  7. Love the flowers!

    As far as the last post, I too would love a castle stay. :)

  8. Your paperwhite narcissus are beautiful! And the sight of sun shining through a that. It's cold and damp here in southeast Texas...and I'm tired of it. This is the south for crying out loud!!

  9. A wonderful taste of spring, they are lovely. The picture high lighted by the sun is so beautiful.

  10. A guarantee to lift the spirit. I have just put a note on my December 2011 calendar to do this.

  11. Love paperwhites. I should have thought to get some this winter but just looking at yours I feel the peace and hope they bring.

  12. Oh...aren't beautiful fragrant bulbs such gifts in the midst of winter! Lovely!
    Have a beautiful day, Lorrie!
    ;-D Kathleen


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