Monday, January 03, 2011

Sunny Winter Days

Mornings are frosty around here lately. But the upside of cooler than normal temperatures is clear sunny skies. This is the view from our breakfast nook. I could sit and look at the mountain all day. 

We had a wonderful weekend together. Now everyone is at home, back to regular routines. Towels and sheets have been laundered and folded. Beds are remade, the floors vacuumed. Christmas decorations have been boxed up and the tree and greenery await their trip to the garden waste center. 

While the family was here over the weekend, I asked my son, with his more powerful camera, to take another photo, zeroing in on the mountain itself  (Mount Arrowsmith). Isn't it gorgeous? Breathtaking. I'm enjoying these sunny days for I know they won't go on forever. In fact, snow is predicted for tomorrow. And that has its own beauty. 

For me, it's back to studying. My current courses are Medieval History II, Political Science (to fulfill a social science credit), Business French, and I'm finishing up a Literature of the Canadian West. I aim to finish this degree this year. I'm so looking forward to that accomplishment.


  1. What a great view of Mt Arrowsmith you have! I'd be gazing at it all the time. The past few days have offered prime mountain-viewing, haven't they?

  2. What a fantastic view - thanks for sharing it! And very best of luck with your fascinating courses this year.

  3. Such crisp, clean air and what a view! Best of luck with your studies.

  4. Good luck finish up your degree Lorrie! If you study in your breakfast nook you must be constantly inspired by the beauty of your view!

  5. Magnificent mountain! I'm terribly jealous of your breakfast nook view. Lorrie, have I ever asked what it is you plan to do with your degree? I'm really curious.

  6. Oh, the majesty of the mountain and lucky you to have it in sight every day.


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