Thursday, January 13, 2011

Memento of the Past

This past fall, my mother-in-law gave to me the small carved bird pictured above,  saying that she remembered always perched on her mother's windowsill.

When Tim, my husband, saw it, he too remembered the little bird from his grandmother's home at the farm in remote northern British Columbia.

Her name was Irma and she died when Tim was 13. Recently my MIL wrote and self-published a book about her family history. Through her words and memories I'm getting to know a little bit more about the woman who first owned the little bird. And I'm pleased that it's now in my care. 

On another note, I'd like to introduce a new friend to the blogging community. Dawna writes from Alberta where she and her family live on a farm and run a Bed and Breakfast. Dawna and I are connected through family. My nephew Colin who passed away in July was married to her niece Melissa. I'm sure that we met at the wedding 7 or more years ago, and reconnected through the sorrow of Colin's illness and death.

Dawna's new blog is That Country Place and I know she'd love a warm welcome. Her header alone will cheer up any winter blues (or grays).


  1. Sweet little bird! I have some things that were my grandmothers...little pitchers and serving dishes. She died when I was ten, but I remember her vividly.She was a"hands on" grandma...taught me how to make "hand squeezed" biscuits!! I visited Dawn. You are her sunflower!

  2. A lovely memento from the past..will visit Dawn..thanks

  3. How wonderful to have a book that documents some family life. A treasure.

    Will pop over and visit your friend.

  4. That little bird is a gentle reminder of someone very special and looks happy in your home. i just visited Dawna - thanks for the introduction.


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