Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Telling Secrets

Greet, of Belgian Pearls writes a decorating blog from Belgium. A recent post was all about castles and triggered a fancy daydream I cherished as a child.

My mother told me once that a far-distant relative of her family served the royal family of Holland as a lady-in-waiting and went to England with William of Orange when he assumed the English throne. That's all I know, but it fed my imagination for years. 

I imagined that perhaps this lady-in-waiting had done some particularly brave service for the royal family, but was never acknowledged, and looking through the records, the royal family wanted to contact her descendants to honour her. (If this story sounds eerily familiar to the biblical book of Esther, I deny any resemblance, real or imagined. ahem)

Of course, accepting the honour would mean traveling to England and being invited to stay at one of the royal family's castles for a week or so.

Since growing up a little, my daydream evolved into desiring the free reign of a castle or chateau for about a week. Fully furnished, but without those pesky tourists (of which I'm one) and the freedom to explore at will, being able to say lightly, "welcome to my castle."

I'd like to trail down a staircase, explore the dark cellar recesses, wander through the kitchens and servants' quarters, climb to the tower, pour over books in the library, and in short, feel like a chatêlaine. 

Really, almost any castle would do, whether small (like Ludwig's in Bavaria), or grandiose like Versailles.

An island in Italy would be nice. I think most of all what I want is the sense of history, to absorb the life that was lived in that place. I don't want to go back, I know I'm romanticizing medieval and renaissance life, but hey, who says dreams have to be rational?

So, if you know anyone wanting to trade a week in a European château for a week in a modest home in one of the most beautiful parts of the world - my contact information is on the right sidebar.


  1. Do not be surprised if you get taken up on that offer! What a fun post and just the stuff of fairy tales. Do we all have these oral histories where there are royals just a few short centuries ago? I'd not be a bit surprised. My family does.

  2. Wouldn't that be fun! If you get more than one taker, please send the overflow to me!
    We stayed in a castle in Denmark a few years ago - the Baron had fallen on hard times and let a few rooms as B&B. It was very elegant, and as we were the only guests we had the complete run of an entire wing - it was spooky at night!

  3. You could be Cinderella for a week! That would be fun! Be sure and let us know if you get any takers on your offer.

  4. I recommend the PBS Series Manor House. Six episodes where people signed on to live life as it was in the early nineteenth century in a castle. Ask for it at your local library. It was very interesting and enjoyable.

  5. Can't wait to see if you get a taker!!!

  6. I can't offer you a vacation exchange but the next time you're visiting Europe you are very welcome to come stay at le Presbytere for a night or two.
    Pourquoi pas?

  7. What a great idea! I love this. And...I love your new banner!

  8. I love your new banner. So cheerful. I have a secret too. Whenever I'm out running or just walking to work, I pretend I'm engaged to be married to the young prince of Sweden. I will live in a castle and employ ladies-in-waiting. There. I said it! Now you know how delusional I am. :)

  9. Well Lorrie - this is the most imaginative post I've read for awhile. I do hope that you get some takers and their lives would be enriched by just walking along the beaches on your side of the island. Best of luck in your quest!

  10. Wouldn't that be fun! I wonder if you need to buy a new wardrobe to stay in a castle, even if only for a week? A sparkly pink gown and a tiara!


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