Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sunshine and Oranges

The late afternoon sun slants across the dining room table. I grab my camera to capture the moment. Each day is noticeably, if infinitesimally longer than the last. Earth turns on her axis as she has done for millennia past.

These sunny moments make January easier. It's a month that seems to drag on in the northern hemisphere, made longer by incessant, gray rain or unending snow. It's a month in which time seems to hang, suspended between the celebration of Christ's birth extending into the New Year and the anticipation of spring. 

I prowl around the house in the evenings after daily tasks are accomplished. What to do? In order to sleep well, I must leave my studies alone after dinner. There are projects to finish and others to begin but I'm reluctant to engage in them. How to overcome this lassitude? 

* take up the wool and the needles for "just a row" and soon the rhythm of the needles captures and results in a pleasant evening of accomplishment

* a cup of tea and an easy book

* a night-time walk along our safe and quiet streets 

* a short project - something that can be completed in less than an hour or two, like baking muffins, cutting out an article of clothing, gathering the supplies for a craft

* reading blogs

* and before bed, a final round about the house to tidy the cushions on the couch, unload the dishwasher, straighten books on the coffee table  


  1. Such a "sunny" picture!!

  2. yes it does feel like time is in limbo, the birds are chirping I long for spring...take care..

  3. You are a practical poet Lorrie! We've had a long (for us) patch of rainy and overcast weather so am getting a little taste of the north~in~winter experience! The sun is finally making its appearance of late and I am not taking it for I usually do!


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