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Although I'll dabble in almost any craft, I always return to sewing. My trusty machine is 28 years old this month. She's tired and has spent a little time in the repair shop in the last few years. But she continues to whir happily and I'm content. I dread the day when I have to replace her. 

This weekend I sewed up curtains for the living room. They are the most economical fabric available - canvas drop cloths from Home Depot. I didn't want to invest hundreds of dollars in fabric at this point, and I wanted something neutral with texture. This is it. Two of them were up over New Year's when my parents were here. My dad asked, "are they supposed to be wrinkled?" Well, yes, they are, if only because pressing them removes only a fraction of the wrinkles. I like to think they add to the texture. 

They are still not hemmed, but I'm waiting for the fabric to hang out a little before doing that. In the meantime, they close in the living room, making a cozy nest for these January evenings.

The desire for some fresh color led me to make a raft of new cushion covers. I used what fabric I had on hand and I'm pleased. Reducing the stash is a good thing.

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  1. You've been busy! My mom used the same sewing machine to make my baby clothes and my wedding I know all about having a faithful one!

  2. Love the curtains - who would have are very talented and creative!!

  3. Gotta love a machine that has bee with you for 28 years! I bet they don't make them as well anymore so well worth having repaired.

  4. Those pillows are lovely!!! I just bought some beautiful fabric to make pillows at Payless Fabric. They have a huge warehouse with tons of fabric to choose from and hard to find stuff too!! The fabric I chose for my pillows is black satin with wonderfully embellished flowers and birds on it. Cant wait to get them finished. I will share pics when I do!!!

  5. Hi Lorrie. I love the blue and green together on your new pillows. You have nice big windows to dress too. Have a great evening.

  6. I am always happiest sewing. The drapes look great...did you make the pillows as well?

  7. I so understand the loyalty we feel toward our trusty sewing machines. I'm glad yours has given you such pleasure. Your mosaic is inspiring on this cold winter day.
    God bless and thanks for sharing.
    ~Lynn at Cottage and Creek

  8. I've never seen a red sewing machine before. I just put my machine away to use my desk for some picture sorting and will take a break from sewing for awhile. It seems you are getting very good use out of yours these daya. there's nothing easier than creating new pillows to change the mood of a room. I like your color choices!

  9. I wish drop cloths came in even larger sizes! I have 18 foot ceilings and double stacked windows. It would be so much more economical than having custom. Which is why I'm glad we have the woods in back of us and don't have to worry about privacy in this great room. But a little sun protection would be nice! Crack me up with your dad's comment on the wrinkling! :-) Oh the things we bloggers do... LOL
    Thanks for visiting yesterday. I checked out your food blog and will be trying a couple of your recipes. I am craving new food ideas. I've been trying to expand my cooking horizons, since I'm cooking for a diabetic husband. His doctor says I can start to get more creative since he is doing so well. Modifications and carb counting- it'll only serve to help him AND me!

  10. One of my friends used drop clothes to "frame" the basement in a house she was renting. She covered the walls and built dividers and her kids loved it. It was like living in a tent, very Arabian Nights. One of those fabric sources we don't always think about.

  11. What a cozy and lovely room. The curtains fit in with the scene so perfectly... they don't distract and call attention to themselves... such pretty windows! And a lovely street! I always enjoy dropping by...:)

  12. How is it that mechanical things can manipulate our emotions? I cry when the car needs changing, I feel pangs of remorse when I wave goodbye to an old washing machine or dryer... I understand how you feel about your sewing machine. xx

  13. Hi
    I am new to this, but over the last year I have made cushions, mainly by hand, embroidered them, runners for therapy beds...I find embroidery very theraputic. I will add my page if that's ok & I have a website too.

    Embroidery is self taught, as are pretty much all my creative skills. I am always open to ideas & tips...brilliant to have somewhere to

  14. I'm all about recycling...instead of throwing out some old sweatshirts, I decided to cut them into strips and made a patchwork skirt to wear when working in the studio. After cutting off the ribbing on cuffs, neck, and bottom, I squared off the edges by trimming under the arms and around the neck,then cut the remaining fabric into strips of equal width. I sewed the strips together side-by-side, alternating colors in a repeating patterns. Then, I cut that piece into strips crossways, scooted it down one and sewed that tier onto the top part. You could make smaller rows; I only did 2 because I wanted to get done and not use up so much my thread. :-)


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