Monday, January 10, 2011

A Snowy Walk

About the time we headed for bed on Saturday night I heard hail on the skylight in the bathroom. Curious I peeked out the window to see hail pelting down. By morning we awoke to a snowy white world. When Tim shoveled the driveway he said that the texture varied in the levels of snow - with some of it hard pellets. 

What better place to enjoy the snow than outside (since the temperatures were hovering just around freezing)? Boots and gloves donned we drove to Englishman River Regional Park, just below the falls we visited a week ago.

The road to the parking lot led down a steep incline for about a mile and we gave nothing more than a fleeting thought to driving back up. 

The trail meandered along the riverbank, where snow-laden branches brushed our heads. Blue sky beckoned above and melted the snow high in the trees, causing it to fall like rain on our heads.

Crunching footsteps. Gurgling dark water. Stark beauty of skeletal trees highlighted by white. Sunlight filtering through the forest.

 Scenes like this swell my heart. So much beauty to absorb. God's creation offers much to soothe the soul. 

Two unsuccessful runs up the hill and we put on chains. They didn't help much. Our progress was painfully slow as Tim rocked the car, tires spinning. Little by little until we were stopped short of the crest of the hill. Both chains (very lightweight) snapped, rendering them useless. Tim pushed and I drove the short distance to the top of the hill. A little adventure to end our walk. 


  1. This made me smile - the reality of real winter weather....the stark beauty - the dangerous beauty! I thought to myself 'been there, done that!'
    I'll bet the view was worth it though!

  2. The landscape is really breathtaking. Unfortunately the snow has melted here (but we had a wonderful spring-like Saturday that saw me working in the garden again !)
    And the sun has been coming out again, though it's still very cold, but we don't mind.

  3. These are just lovely images...everything seems so pristine and hushed. Thank you so much going out and for taking these shots. We don't get much snow here so I really enjoy lands that do! I remember that Vancouver Island wasn't known to get too much snow when I lived in Seattle years ago...I guess weather patterns really have changed! I toured your island on several occasions... so beautiful!

  4. I believe I can feel the keen freshness in that river photo. Reminds me of when we took a trip on the Rocky Mountaineer. Thanks for sharing. xx

  5. Beautiful photos, beautiful text! You two were brave to venture out. Glad you got home safely!

  6. Hi again Lorrie - a winter walk when it's warm enough is wonderful and your pictures are beautiful. You must have been relieved to make it up the hill though! I'll email you re the glitches and the soup question...

  7. Oh, so wonderful to have a small adventure in the largeness of the beautiful world you inhabit. I have not thought about tire chains in years! I remember Dad putting them on the truck. Getting to go somewhere in the snow was always a marvelous time for my sister and me.

  8. You and Lovella, who love to be outdoors in such weather, just make me wish that I did. I don't. Your pictures do make it almost as good.

  9. Great images. I absolutely LOVE, love, love~ the heart in your header. Suck in my breath lovely.

    Thank you so much for your much appreciated input on my office. I adore you!

  10. I had to laugh when I read this post. It reminded me of the time we were stuck in snow on a narrow path on the side of a mountain in the Okanagan. Me, the nervous nellie, had to back down the path while my husband stood on the edge of the bank giving me instructions and my four girls sat quietly praying they wouldn't die!

  11. Love your new banner photo! Pretty new look for the new year.

    Thanks for sharing the walk/push adventure with us........... there seems to be a lot of that going 'round these days!

    Loved the wintry scenes you took.

  12. love the heart lovely...gorgeous pictures..thanks for sharing your driving adventure lol..we are supposed to have a large snowfall tonight...

  13. Looks like BC and AB got a taste of winter this past week end....except our temperatures are a little more brutal than yours!! Love the little touch of blue sky in the corner of one of your pics...have a warm evening :)

  14. Beautiful photos Lorrie!
    We didn't get any of that snow on the weekend. We came up to Nanaimo on Sunday and lots of cars in ditches! Too bad they don't salt the roads like they do back home...makes it so much safer!

    Yes I miss my home in Ontario...but I'm slowly finding my way here!
    Pamela xo

  15. Beautiful pictures of your walk, sorry it was difficult to return home. Welcome winter!

  16. Touché! I may just have to go for a walk in the snow to prove that I can. Maybe. It could happen.

  17. Enjoyed my walk in the snow with you Lorrie.


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