Thursday, January 06, 2011

What Removing a Wall Accomplishes

Hammering and nailing, tearing down, ripping up - the renovations have been going on here for many months. They're not over yet, but we've reached a stage where the results are visible and, in my mind, beautiful. 

Above are two before pictures showing the wall that we removed. The staircase is altered as well. Here's a link to a picture showing the re-do. 

In reality, the entire wall was not removed, just the upper portion. Two arched door openings were removed and squared off. Now the kitchen is full of light, the dining room feels connected and when I'm in the kitchen I don't feel like I'm in an enclosed space, away from the action. The enclosed valance needs painting yet. Tim installed the pot lights and a light tube in the kitchen which provide wonderful light. He'll install under counter lighting when we do the cabinetry.

Here's a view from the breakfast nook. Before. Note the bit of red wall to the left, and the putting green on the floor. 

Tim tells me that I'm going to miss that green carpet one day, but I don't believe him. Not. at. all. The ledge on the left here is a temporary fix until we commence work on the kitchen cabinets. You'll notice we left the dropped valance around the kitchen perimeter. We debated about removing it but that would have increased the work tremendously. And we've been told that it defines the kitchen quite nicely.

The new dining room. The glass-paneled doors were removed. I took these pictures quickly one day while the sun was shining and didn't bother to make everything "picture perfect." But I'm pretty sure that all bloggers have messes in their homes once in awhile. 

Next is baseboard and finishing up some painting. After that, we'll tackle the kitchen cabinets and countertops. 

For me, changing the floor has made a huge difference. I walk through the rooms smiling. The dark green was almost oppressive, and there was so much of it! For now, I don't even want an area rug in the living room. Nope, give me wide open spaces!


  1. Lorrie, your renovation is beautiful. I don't think you will miss your carpet one bit, ever!

  2. I sure enjoyed seeing what a difference your renovation has made. It's really wonderful what a handyman can accomplish - with a lot of help from his wife I'm guessing. Your home is beautiful!

  3. Lorrie, it looks fantastic. Your husband has done a masterful job with this remodeling project. I'm looking at the befores and afters and it's like night and day. I'd never have thought of the possibilities until seeing this. How exciting for you to have that green carpet gone, too. Your hubby is quite the kidder, I see.

  4. You must be so very happy with all that lovely light and space. Well done to your handy husband!

  5. Wow, it looks wonderful, light and spacious! As for 'mess', I wish my mess looked as good as yours!

  6. You're really turning the house into a home now, making it "yours", which is always a lovely feeling.
    Great shadow captures in your kitchen shots too.

  7. Oh my goodness this gives me heart for getting the work done on the wall we just removed! Your redo is gorgeous and so light and airy. The whole area is so open. I too am glad I braved knocking down the wall.

    Have yourself a wonderful weekend!

  8. You have great ideas Lorrie. We are working away at a kitchen re do as well...its a challenge juggling 2 jobs and just wanting to get the reno done! Here's to great husbands who are very handy!! Have a great day...I have started my blog,,,but am having some challenges getting all the formatting set up. I did figure out how to create a collage though from your picasa tutorial, so thanks :)

  9. You must be delighted with the difference, Lorrie. So much more attractive.

  10. Hi Lorrie! Wow, while I've been lying about you sure have kept busy! This is such an amazing before and after!!! You are so right, what a difference taking down just half a wall made. I LOVE your floors and I must disagree with your husband regarding the green carpet. :) It looks so much more open and the light is wondrous.

  11. Beautiful home! There was green carpet in our house when we bought I understand how you feel. I'm still looking for the "mess" in the dining room picture!! ha!ha!

  12. Very smart of you to tear down only half the way. I'm going to pass that one on to my daughter. And you're right, the kitchen looks nice with the defining valance. Cheryl

  13. The work in your new home is certainly progressing and everything looks so beautiful and inviting. Thanks for posting I love visiting the homes of blogging friends in other countries particularly.


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