Tuesday, January 04, 2011

A Very Little Crafting

Few Christmas presents were made this year. But I did manage a scarf for each of my daughters - and instead of making three identical scarves, each one is different. The above scarf is a knitted cowl. My knitting skills are elementary, at best, and so this simple knitted-in-the-round cowl was something within my ability. I used a chunky acrylic yarn since I'm highly sensitive to wools.

The infinity scarves I've seen intrigued me and I made one of those out of an "unknown fibres" fabric from Fabricland. It's some sort of man-made fabric, maybe with a bit of rayon. It stretches widthwise but not lengthwise. I thought the multi-colors would go with a variety of tops.

This teal velvety scarf is lined with silk and I love its rich color and feel. 

And for our brand-new granddaughter, I made something to add a little pink to the pretty nursery her mother and father created. 

I already have a list of things I want to create in 2011. I'd really, really like to diminish my fabric stash. The pillow was made using nothing but what I had on hand and I'd like to do more of that - using up what's already here. 


  1. Lovely scarves... and what a cute pillow!

    I like your idea of using what's on hand. Haven't been doing much crafting at all these past few years, but the idea could translate to other areas, couldn't it?

    We'll look forward to seeing your creativity in action as the new year unfolds!

  2. That little pillow is so sweet and I adore cowl styled scarves...very flattering and no loose ends. I'm sure that each gal was delighted with her gift.

  3. I don't know where you found the time....with all the renos, driving up and down the Malahat and your studies. Everything is very pretty, and I'll bet there were smiles all around!

  4. Lovely scarves and such a sweet pillow. I know "all the girls" were happy to receive such thoughtful gifts!

  5. Looks like you did pretty well on making presents to me! The cowl looks great.
    Thank you for your interesting comment on my writing post.

  6. You are WAY to modest about your knitting skills~ they are wonderful.

    I have to say I am absolutely thrilled that you will be joining me on the carriage ride destined for Royal Wedding Wednesdays. When I hit the "publish" button I had a momentary feeling of panic that my post would be met with only the sound crickets chirping. It has been quite the opposite, so much so that I feel we have a kindred spirit/sisterhood sorority.

    Here's to fairytales!

  7. These are beautiful! I love the velvety scarf and the pillow is so pretty, just right for a special little girl:>)

  8. Beautiful work Lorrie, I am sure the girls love thier gifts. Clarice


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