Friday, October 12, 2012

A Good Morning for a Candle

I awoke in the night to hear the drip, drip, drip of rain on the roof. Our dry spell is over. The sunshine is hiding behind thick clouds. Autumn is here. It would be a good day to build a fire in the fireplace and cozy up with a book or some hand sewing. Ah, if only.

I taught French 3 days this past week, and beginning on Monday, I have at least a 2-week stint in the library. Today's my day to go downtown for a few things I need. Stopping at the grocery store after work or on the weekend is no problem, but I like to have a bigger chunk of time to brave the one-way streets, pedestrians and militant parking enforcers in the city center.


I've been the winner of several giveaways recently. This Sweet Charlotte pattern came from a giveaway on Jessica's blog, Running with Scissors, where she blogs about the things she's made. She is developing a line of her own sewing patterns and uses her own cute children as models. I am so impressed by all the young pattern designers I see out there, providing alternatives to the big pattern companies. I'm looking forward to making this vest for the Little Misses.

Jennifer Paganelli designs bright, happy fabrics and projects to go along with them. I love her bold use of colour and was thrilled to be selected to receive 6 yards of fabric from her new line Happy Land, along with her latest book featuring 21 sewing projects.

Both the Sweet Charlotte pattern and the Jennifer Paganelli fabrics have arrived at a good time. I'm bursting with ideas of things to sew. And of course, Christmas is coming! I love making gifts, do you?

So, before I can get to the sewing, I have a house to tidy up, laundry to do, and some errands to run. This evening we have Little Miss A coming for the night again. What's on your list today?


  1. Wow. What amazing wins! Six YARDs of material? Can't wait to see what will come of all of that.

    Sounds as if you'll have a busy school year. Would you rather just have a classroom of your own and teach full time? (Don't mind me. Being on call was not something I enjoyed very much, though I did enjoy the classroom. I would have preferred working every day or having a set schedule.)

  2. LOL supposedly cleaning house today but stopped for a blogbreak. Interesting to see this pattern and to read about people starting their own small pattern businesses. I don't know if it was like this in Ecuador, but in Africa they don't use patterns. You just draw a picture of what you want and they take a few measurements and in no time your outfit is ready. Have a good weekend!

  3. have a lovely weekend dear friend.
    hugs xx

  4. Congratulations on all your wins. Today was a trip to the pumpkin patch with my children. I am ready for a nap, ha! ha! ha! Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. What fun you'll have with these prizes!

  6. I don't think you'll have much time for sewing in the next few weeks! Great wins. I'm off to Camp Stillwood today...with a few of the MGCC. We're cooking up a few fun things.

  7. Hmmmm, so not much puttering time for you! But what fun wins you have to begin planning for, once you can find yourself some time.
    In knitting as well, it's wonderful to see the wealth of patterns by a rich array of designers, many of them young. The Internet has been a real boon for distribution of those patterns. . . and for exposure, marketing, product support. Cool to see new technology put in support of older ones.

  8. Looking forward to seeing what you'll be creating with all that cheery fabric...I finally have a few moments to look back and loved the gorgeous autumn trees you posted just after Thanksgiving. What amazing photos Lorrie!

  9. Really, aren't candles just the thing for gloomy weather? I light them whenever I find myself peering across a room during daylight, and again many evenings after sundown. And a candle and hot tea and some quiet time, prayer will get any day off to a better start.
    Love your quilted table runner. So fallish with the leaves.
    Lucky you, to win those giveaways. Those fabrics are so bright and cheery, it can hardly matter that the sun is behind the clouds.

  10. I can just imagine the fun you'll have with the patterns and fabrics - I love the colours! I always feel incredibly rich when there is an uncut piece of fabric waiting in the cupboard.

  11. Ok, I'll add that Happy Home to my never ending booklist. Now I just need more book shelves or tabletops.

    Loved this happy posting.

    Sending autumn wishes across the miles,


  12. Congratulations on your bounty of wins! Like you I always like to see Indie pattern makers succeed! When my girls were little I bought a homemade jumper pattern from a little antique mall/consignment shop. It was so clever, the designer allowed us to make sizes from toddler to teen using just the one simple pattern. I made numerous matching dresses for Rosie and Katie from that pattern over the years and...with a few adaptations...for their dolls!
    P.S. Love candle mornings...I usually light a small votive every morning during the winter and say a little prayer as I do it. :)

  13. Great post! I need to check out the new fabric by Jennifer! I have a pink tutu to make to tie around granddaughter's high chair for her first birthday party...that shouldn't take too long. Saw on Pinterest and daughter wants it.


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