Monday, October 08, 2012

Thanksgiving Monday

After a day of feasting, laughter and time with family, the house is returned pretty much to normal. The guest room is ready for the next visitors, Little Miss A spent the morning with us and then went to her other grandparents for the week. 

Once things were sorted out around here, Tim and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful day and drove down to Tod Inlet park.

We've had no rain for almost 3 months and the woods are dry as can be. All the summer warmth that has soaked into the earth rises now and fills the air with dancing motes of dust.

Along the inlet water shimmers, framed by golden trees.

The cement piles from long ago docks stand as perches for gulls and other birds. 

Although everyone is enjoying this unseasonably long stretch of dry and sunny weather, we really do need rain. Levels in the rivers are so low that unless generous rain falls soon the salmon will be unable to return upstream to spawn. They wait downstream, easy prey for eagles, seals, and other predators. 

Is the weather unusually wet, dry, warm or cool where you live?



  1. hiiii very lovely pictures and sweet post..
    here in south africa it is summer coming and hot but today is wet..raining son its nice..
    have a lovely day xxx

  2. Stunning shots of the world around you, it s truly wonderful.

  3. I suspect that by the end of next week, we'll have forgotten all about this drought and will be complaining about the rain. But for now, it's indeed worrisome, if also enjoyable. I remember how hard it was on the fish back in, what was it, '98?
    We went for a trail run yesterday morning on nearby Newcastle Island. Wonderful on packed dry trails that will soon be soggy and muddy -- but I couldn't help thinking how vulnerable the whole thing is to one careless smoker or campfire tender.

  4. Wet. I'd love to send you some rain if only I could.

    The colors are glorious and so are the reflections on the water.

    Isn't it wonderful how God planned four grandparents? I've often thought so!

    Hope that you have some yummy leftovers!

  5. For needing rain so badly, it sure is beautiful there. Drought does not look like that at all around here. Wish I could send you some rain though.
    Our weather has not been normal for a year now. I'm curious to see what this winter will be like.
    Have a beautiful week, Lorrie!

  6. Beautiful photos! We're in the same dry pattern along with you. I'm kind of bracing myself for what we'll be experiencing soon...

  7. We are so desperately in need of rain...that I feel almost guilty enjoying this beautiful weather! The guys are seeding a winter crop on the farm today...which won't germinate until we get a bit of moisture. But it's coming...soon.

  8. Lorrie,
    You must name that series of photos: "Go Deeper".
    They are gorgeous, but they go beyond so many beautiful fall foliage photos. You have married the coolness of water (with reflected sky) with the warm and musky colors of autumn leaves. The only photo without water beckons the traveler to "go deeper" into the wood. So compelling. I thought I loved the 3rd photo best. The contrast was so startling, it was what got me started thinking. And then I saw the last photo. I'm not sure what the metaphor is, but I'll know soon. Yes, it will hover with me.

  9. Love these colorful photos!

  10. Anonymous7:29 AM

    Beautiful photos! I cannot guess what the weather will do next. Last winter was very mild and there were few wildflowers this summer. We did get some very welcome rains after the wildfires in June.
    Hope you get some rain soon!

  11. Beautiful Autumn photos Lorri. Had not thought about the Salmon problems if you needed rain. Do hope you get plenty now that it has started. We could certainly send you some.


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