Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Making Gifts - Ideas to Sew

So here it is, the 24th of October. We are deep into autumn, and parts of the country are already shoveling snow. I want to savour each day and not rush the seasons, but I do like making gifts for Christmas. It's time to begin. Or maybe you've begun already. I have not.

The thing with making gifts is that you can't show them ahead of time, so I've gathered photos from gifts made in past years, or ideas for gifts, and showcased them here. Maybe you'll be inspired, and maybe give me some ideas of other things to stitch in the comment section.

Placemats are fun to make and a useful gift as well. This pattern is from a sew-along last October on the Sew Mama Sew blog. There are many, many wonderful tutorials on that site, and all are very well written. 

Table runners are another practical gift. This one was inspired by The Peony Teacup and is constructed using the disappearing nine-patch block. Just keep adding blocks until the runner is as long as you like, then layer, quilt and bind.

Sachets made with lavender, rose petals and herbs from your garden (or purchased) make a lovely gift for friends. These were made with linen, stamped with rubber stamps and tied simply with a ribbon. Tuck in a little sprig for a hint of what's inside.

Do a search for rag doll patterns and you'll find many. This is one I did several years ago. The link is on my side bar, and also here for Part One, and Part Two. It's a tutorial I would like to redo at some point.

Pillows or cushion covers change up the look of a room in a hurry. Use scraps to make the one above (1 1/2 inch squares) or for something different, the Je t'aime pillow on my sidebar.
There are lots of pillow tutorials on the web as well.

And for the men in your life - what about a tuxedo apron with a red bow tie (slightly askew), cummerbund, and a pin-tucked shirt front? I made up this pattern. Another tutorial I hope to write some day. I captured Tim just as he was ready to carve the turkey. 

Have you begun making gifts for Christmas? Any ideas you'd like to share? I'm feeling kind of low on creativity just now.


  1. Such lovely gifts, Lorrie! (I love the tuxedo apron...and your husband looks happy in it!)

    When I was a young mother, I made most of my gifts. Now, I'm afraid, I don't have (or take) the time. However, a couple of years ago, I made a doll-sized quilt for my granddaughter, using much of her own outgrown clothing.

    My daughter Kati (katislittlecorner.blogspot.com) has a button in her sidebar called "Christmas Gift Ideas." She has made a lot of simple gifts for those on her list.

    I am also reading a blog series, 31 Days to a Stress-Free Christmas. The beginning of the series has several posts on gift-giving, including lots of homemade ideas.

    It's time to get started, isn't it? Yikes! :)

  2. I love coming here for a visit Lorrie! xo

  3. You are so talented! Beautiful little sachets and doll, and cushion and apron! You must be well on the way with these gifts ready. I started shopping on our trip. I know how to do that.

  4. Very nice ideas. I love and like them all especially the apron it is so cute and lovely.

  5. wow such lovely gifts..i love them all so much..
    the doll is so cuteeeeeeeeeee
    hugs xxx

  6. Just as he was about to carve the turkey? Hahahhaaha...love that photo!

    Oh such good ideas. I'm trying to make a table runner for my sister's birthday and I didn't want to go with the disappearing nine-patch I used for my table. I'm not fond of whatever it was that I did wrong. Love that little 1.5 inch square patch pillow. Hmmm...

  7. You inspire me! Such beautiful gift ideas. Now...if only I could carve out a little sewing time, I'd get going.

  8. Thanks for sharing this idea, and my sister loves to sew, so I will pass this on to her!

  9. Cute ideas. MAybe I'll have time to make more Christmas gifts like I used to. You have inspired me!

  10. What great ideas and wonderful gifts you have given! I am in the desert at this time, so I'm not even remotely a source for new ideas, but as always, I am grateful for your inspiration, both creative, and in life!
    I really appreciate your kind words on my blog. You have become a comforting presence in my life during some very uncertain days. Thank you, dear friend.

  11. Oh Lorrie...that tuxedo apron is great...as are all the other ideas (such a cute dolly)...your blog is one of my frugal luxuries!
    P.S. Wish I had your sewing talents!

  12. Dolls, dolls! That's what I want to make, and your darling rag girl is quite inspiring!

  13. I have an idea, one I'm thinking of making. Very easy and not original but I think could be fun. Rice filled hot packs for the neck or for backs/tummies then make a cozy cover for it. Probably flannel. Maybe even embroider on the cover. I'm thinking like "a hug" or "a hug from home" for my college daughter. A friend of mine told me she has made many of them and the rice really does heat up well in the microwave and retains the heat.

  14. I'm so happy here on your blog, love all the sewing inspiration and your photography. I've pinned a bunch of things. Thanks for all your inspiration, you are my first blessing of the day. ~ Abby


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