Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Fill-ins

On our Thanksgiving Monday walk to Tod Inlet several weeks ago, we noticed a row of jack-o-lanterns on an old cement wall. It looks like they were lit in the evenings. 

Wouldn't that be a fun sight from a boat bobbing about in the middle of the inlet? 

Friday Fill-ins:

1.  Oh, that chocolate mousse would be lovely, yes, I'll take some.

2. It's a sure sign of  autumn  when random rows of pumpkins appear in the landscape.


3.  Are we having rain again?

4.  My heart melts when I see these two little blue-eyed cousins sitting in a doll bed made by their grandpa years ago.

5. Do you believe in dressing up? I do.

6.  I'm a fond believer in the power of naps, too.

7.  And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to  watching a movie with my husband at home, tomorrow my plans include cleaning the house and sewing, and Sunday, I want to go for a long walk.        


  1. Awwwwww...just the sort of post I love. It would seem logical that pumpkins would look good all lined up in a row, yet no one does that around here so I have never seen them. Strange! I do like the look and I would be charmed if rowing by in a canoe. Your grandgirlies are the cutest! the hair on the wee one is amazing. She'll be wearing braids before her first birthday! Hope that you get your longed-for walk...

  2. I love a post with the "this and that" of everyday living! And the last photo has me convinced that I need a nap as well. And it's only 8:50 a.m.!

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Except for the cleaning part. I may successfully procrastinate on such chores until next week!

  3. What a fun post! Those little cousins are perfectly sweet...and being a grandparent is a marvel!
    Your weekend plans sound delightful.

  4. Love that crocheted aqua dress! Sounds like your weekend will be a bit like mine. I love weekends!

  5. aww so sweettttt
    i love the beautiful dress so much..
    have a lovely weekend xxx

  6. Yes to dressing up, afternoon naps, and cuddling with a cousin!
    Have a lovely weekend, Lorrie.

  7. That was fun!
    Out here people put jack o'lanterns on rocks, walls and stumps along the road and light them at night. It's fun to go for a drive and try to spot the pumpkins. This is another reason I'm grateful for the rains!

  8. Oh I love your "Friday fill-ins". Have a great weekend. Bonnie

  9. Great snippets of your life! I hope your weekend is peaceful.

  10. Another fun post, cousin. I would love to see those pumpkins lit up at night. Always a treat to see your little sweetie-pies.


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