Foggy Morning Tea

A couple of posts ago I mentioned harvesting the lemon verbena. Someone asked what I intended to do with it. Elizabeth from Cornish Cream, formerly French Village Life, mentioned that the scent lasts a long time and she uses it for potpourri. 

For me, the scent brings back memories of Ecuador, where lemon verbena, or cedron, as it's known there, is used as a tisana, or herbal tea.

Whatever it's called, I put a few leaves in a tea pot, pour boiling water over, let it steep and pour myself a steaming cup of lemony goodness. Perfect for a foggy morning such as today.

What's your morning beverage of choice? 


  1. Not tea. ☺ What'cha working on?

  2. Lovely photo. I have tried all sorts of tisanes and like lime blossom as well as mint and lemon verbena but I have to admit my beverage of choice if I could only have one would be normal black tea with milk - I am British after all!!!

  3. beautiful picture..i love everything in it..
    hugs xx

  4. That sounds very refreshing.

  5. Lorrie, it looks cozy, what a great photo that speaks the words of your foggy morning!

  6. Beautiful photo...'tea on a foggy morning'. My beverage of choice is always coffee...morning, noon and night. But on occasion...I quite enjoy a cup of tea!

  7. I'm a tea drinker at almost any hour of the day! I love Lemon Verbena in tea, but I'm also fond of a mixture of that with bee balm and ginger. My daughter and grandson started harvesting different herbs and flowers from his butterfly garden this year and I'm looking forward to homegrown herbal teas for the winter!

  8. I love the taste of lemon verbena and I used to grow it when I had large garden spaces. It's nice to crumble up and put in lemon cookies too!

  9. I agree with both points. I had lots of Lemon Verbena which I dug up to lay the bottom patio knowing it spreads easily. However I still have to see another sighting. If nothing I will buy more next year and put it in a large pot. I am still enjoying fresh mint tea though.


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