Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cozy Beverages - Note Card Party

One thing I look forward to in autumn is drinking more hot beverages. I love to wrap my hands around a mug of hot tea - it warms me from the inside and the outside. Here I'm drinking lemon verbena tea.

 Mint tea is a favourite year round, although it's more of a sunny day tea to me.

Tea with honey and lemon is perfect for a scratchy throat, as I had back in 2010 when this photo first appeared on the blog.

Evening or morning, a cup of hot chocolate is a treat. Filling, too, to take me through the day. I make my own mix, without any preservatives or chemical ingredients. 

A friend gave me this recipe a long time ago and I try to keep it on hand. It's not too sweet. And without further ado...

Hot Chocolate Mix Recipe

4 cups powdered milk (I like to whirl it in the blender for a finer texture)
3/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder (like what you use for baking)
1/3 cup granulated sugar
1 1/4 cups icing sugar (powdered sugar for those of you in the US)
1/2 tsp salt

That's it. Mix it all up, put it into a pretty container and use about 2 1/2 heaping tablespoons per cup of boiling water.  

Linking to Vee's Note Card Party. Thanks, Vee! It's always fun!


  1. Oh that's a wonderful tip about the blender and that is the exact reason why I've not appreciated that recipe. I think I could now. I'm going to give it a try!

    Beautiful, photography...

  2. Nice pics! My favorite is the last one - so pretty!

  3. I love all of your pics, especially fond of the ones with the knitting needles! G-Mom-B always made hot cocoa, nothing but milk, cocoa powder and a bit of sugar-good stuff, nice memory:@)

  4. I love the way you've taken some of these from up above...very beautiful photos! I don't drink hot tea and now I feel like I am missing out on something good! These are all perfect for notecards!

  5. From a fellow tea lover, I enjoyed all of your note cards. I always use honey in my tea for the health benefits.

  6. I sift my powdered milk for the same reason. I love hot chocolate! I also love your picture choices. They make me feel very warm and comfortable. I really do think they would make great note cards.

    My favorite is the last one.

  7. Lovely note cards as the weather turns cooler. A warm cup of tea is always comforting and your photos look so cozy. Thank you for sharing your hot chocolate recipe. I like that it doesn't have the powdered creamer in it. (So many of them do). I will look forward to trying it.

    1. Lorrie I think that top card is one of my favorite pictures from your blog. I love it!

  8. I am a big tea drinker especially in the colder months of the year here in Canada. Sweet note cards. I love your photo of the tea tray. Pamela

  9. Lorrie, your photos are so professional, just gorgeous. And what a unique theme. I love coffee, tea and hot cocoa. Visiting from Vee's Note Card Party. xo

  10. I love tea. In the cooler weather especially I drink many cups a day. These pictures are so inviting. I would love to have a set of these as note cards.

  11. All lovely Lorrie, some beautiful fibres too!
    I'm sipping lemon and honey right now as I'm a little under theweather with a flu bug!
    I loved the rose in your previous post - nice to have some that are Autumn flowers too.
    Shane ♥

  12. love love love these photos...perfect for an autumn note card collection.
    Now, I am thrilled to know how to do the powdered milk....thanks.

  13. i love this photo so much..so sweetttttttttttttt
    i love tea too..
    hugs cucki

  14. wow, i love this post. thanks for the recipe. i need to write that down. i'm loving the colors within the last shot. so cozy & warm. i need that this AM... it is 41 degrees here in VA. so chilly!! enjoy your fall. (:


  15. I love this post! I love tea and knitting. Perfect selections for Vee's party. Thanks for the recipe!

  16. What lovely note cards, Lorrie...a perfect warm-you-up-autumn-cozy collection! I am especially drawn to the second selection with the pear and the votive and the cup of tea resting on that gorgeous quilt. Dreamy.

  17. Wow, I love these! The last one is my favorite -- a beautiful display!

  18. I love these...it's that time of year when a cup of something warm really is welcome and comforting! I will be trying out the recipe...thanks!
    Have a wonderful fall day!

  19. Thanks for that recipe. I might use it very soon.
    Your photos are absolutely gorgeous!

  20. I love these beautiful photos! Tea is a favorite thing of mine year round!

    Thanks too for the recipe - I had a similar one, but the tip about the blending seems like it would help a lot!


  21. currently sipping chai tea with lots of milk and a bit of honey.

  22. Perfect notecard pic's for October...warm and inviting!

  23. Very creative and each is just a great note card...pretty!

  24. Anonymous8:27 PM

    Hi Lorrie! What a marvelous idea for Note Cards - cozy indeed! I love the top down perspective - true to life and inviting!


  25. Good suggestions and attractive presentation Lorrie. A cup of tea and some knitting on a fall evening would suit me just fine

  26. Hi Lorrie,

    Tea is just fantastic in the autumn! I could go for a cup of lemon verbena right now. A beautiful set of notecards for Vee's party.

  27. These are all beautiful vignettes and would speak to anyone's heart as a note card. Any knitter would love these cards.

    Beautiful photographs.


  28. Thank you so much for inspiring me today! I have never looked at tea like that before! I am a hot tea drinker and I love mint tea :)


  29. How sweet! Pretty photos AND a recipe! I missed the note card party this time since we were out of town and it was too difficult to do the link up. Miz Vee sure did start a good thing!


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