Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Of Apples and Fields

In my Autumn Love post, the item garnering the most interest was Apple Crisp with Custard Sauce. It's not a new idea; a comment from Ireland mentioned that Apple Tart with Custard Sauce was a favourite. 

I only enjoyed the combination recently. We invited friends over for dinner and I made apple crisp. There wasn't enough ice cream for everyone (and I don't like cold ice cream on warm crisp anyway), and I didn't have any whipping cream in the house. I did have some Bird's Custard Powder, so I prepared a custard sauce. The velvety vanilla sauce melded beautifully with cinnamon scented apples and toothy oatmeal crunch. So I made it again last night, this time preparing a Creme Anglaise for the sauce. So delicious either way. I've put the recipe on my other blog. Just click on the link. 

Yesterday I made up a quadruple batch of crisp topping. I'm planning on keeping it in the freezer to pull out for quick desserts. There are a lot more apples in the garage and other fruit in the freezer. Doesn't everyone like a crisp or crumble?

On Sunday we were out at Woodwynn Farms with Little Miss A in tow. Her parents are enjoying the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, but we get to enjoy Big Hugs and Giggles. She's a fearless little girl, marching off across a great field to see what she can see. 

You can see that our trees are mostly still green. We need rain, but for now, we enjoy abundant sunshine.

And when someone gets tired of marching across a big field, plunking down in the tall grass for a little rest is just the ticket.

 Today I'm running errands and beginning Thanksgiving preparations. Turkey and all the trimmings. Do you prefer Apple Pie or Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving - or something else?



  1. Both or all of the above. Ha!

    She's so cute in her adorable red coat. I'm sure that you're happy when she decides it is time for a rest. That way, you can get some yourself.

    I'm off to snag that recipe! John's been talking about it since I first mentioned it while visiting a few days ago. The apples need using!

  2. Looks good! Another easy and quick recipe you might like to try involves mixing fresh breadcrumbs (not the dried sort) with melted butter and sugar to make a topping. I make it often to use up stale bread. Dear little girl you have there in the cornfield! We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here so can't answer the last question! Whatever you have do enjoy your celebration.

  3. Good old Birds Custard, a true British staple! It sounds delicious, but I love anything made with apples.

  4. Little Miss A has the right idea! She is such a cutie, Lorrie.
    I like a piece of pumpkin pie followed by a piece of apple pie!

  5. I love apple pie, but I am enough of a traditionalist to feel that pumpkin is a must for Thanksgiving. And can I echo Elizabethd's hurrah for that pantry staple, Birds?!
    And finally, my resounding approval for any little one wise enough to put thumb in mouth. My own thumb-sucking habits got me to sleep until an unduly ripe age (I resolved -- and managed -- to stop on my 10th birthday!!) One of my daughter's followed in my, erm, thumb-steps. . . Orthodontics were required, yes, but no more than for her two older, non-thumb-sucking sisters; I never had braces, but seem to have relatively straight teeth despite my early habit . . .
    There now, I've babbled along revealing much more than I needed to. . . Time to go! ;-)

  6. aww she is so sweettttttttttttt
    lots of love for you xxx

  7. Oh my! Now I have to ramble around to see if I have all the ingredients. :) Yum!

    Miss A is growing SO fast!

  8. Oh that apple crisp with custard sauce is calling to me! Love the farm photos!! So sweet...
    I like a variety of desserts at Thanksgiving so I can have a bite of several....

  9. Hello Lorrie,

    She is adorable! That desert looks awesome!


  10. I love a fruit crisp and I bet it's even better with a custard sauce.
    For Thanksgiving we always have both a pumpkin and a pecan pie, as well as a pumpkin cheesecake.
    Oh, I'm hungry now!

  11. Your apple crisp with custard sauce looks delicious! I must try this!

    I love pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, but my mom always brings an apple pie too. My favorite pie, however, is sweet potato. Preferably with home grown sweet potatoes and a dollop of fresh whipped cream. :)

  12. Pumpkin. Hands-down favorite at my house. DH has an Oct bd and I have Nov. We both prefer pumpkin pie over a cake. Our first "date" was a trip to Baskin-Robbins for their seasonal offering of Pumpkin ice cream.

  13. Oh gosh, how cute! None of my kids were thumb suckers but I loved it when they would play with their ears when they were tired!

  14. Apple desserts and autumn go hand in hand. Crisp with custard sounds yummy. I have my bags of crumble topping in the freezer as well...ready at a moments notice.

    For Thanksgiving dinner...I prefer pumpkin pie. Tradition!

  15. Oh those pictures of her running across the field and then sitting down are just priceless!

  16. Great pictures of Miss A.


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