Monday, April 21, 2014

A Celebration Weekend

Not only did we celebrate the joy and hope of Easter this past weekend; a very special birthday party happened.

My wonderful, hard-working, funny and dearly loved father will be 80 this week. I am blessed to have such a great role model. I caught him here, a candid shot, while he was busy getting to his meal. My sister, brother and I planned a party for the family. About 30 of us gathered - our mother, his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The youngest was just 2 weeks old. She slept through the whole thing.

My sister, brother, and I planned a party for the family. About 30 of us gathered in Chilliwack - Dad and Mom, their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and spouses. The youngest was just 2 weeks old. She slept through the whole thing. We held the party in a church hall - my brother's church. The toddler play room was a big hit. Little Miss S was heard to say, "fun church" after the party and Little Miss A told her mother that she wanted to have her own birthday party there.

Family get-togethers are loud, busy affairs fueled by the boundless energy of toddlers, lots of laughter and talking, and good food. I never get to visit with everyone, but I still enjoy these times when family comes together to celebrate. 

Today was a bit slower. I'm talked out for the moment, content to stay quiet and mull over pieces of conversation. Do you get together with your extended family often?


  1. How blessed is your family! Your father must be very grateful that so many people value him and each other enough that they want to spend a day celebrating with him. Since our parents are gone, my husband and I have fewer opportunities to gather everyone together. It's been happening at weddings in recent years, but the last one of those is coming up soon, and after that...?

  2. There is nothing quite as nice as a family get together. Sadly some of our family live too far away to see much of, but maybe one day.....

  3. What a very special Easter for you and your family Lorrie.
    Congratulations to your father on his 80th birthday - he looks much younger than his years!
    I remember my parents 80th birthdays - such happy times to remember and hold on to always.

  4. GOD bless you all..
    Sweet hugs x

  5. Happy Birthday to your dear Dad. I can't think of a nicer way to celebrate his special day. It doesn't get much better than being surrounded by your whole family.
    When I was growing up we had lots of huge family gatherings. Now we are all scattered around the country and they are very rare occasions. I always loved the fun and excitement of a big family get together.

  6. Such a wonderful celebrations for your Dad. He looks fantastic. Happy Birthday to him!

  7. Happy Easter and Happy Birthday to your Dad. My dad is going to be 75 in two weeks. I'm trying to plan a surprise party for him.


  8. He sure looks good for 80....Happy birthday to him! The party sounds like a blessing. Happy Easter too, He is risen!!

  9. A wonderful reason to get together and celebrate. We do like to get together with extended family. When we all happen to be in the same area we plan several fun get togethers.
    That cake is awesome!

  10. He looks great and I would not have guessed that he is 80.
    The gathering sounds like fun...isn't it true how the little ones make their own fun at these family events.
    Enjoy your quiet day Lorrie...the sun is shining and you have those precious memories to keep you company on your walk today.

  11. As the comment above, I would never have guessed your Dad just turned 80 - many happy returns to him from Ontario!
    Our family is very small and we seldom get together now that the parents are gone and we're distances apart. It's heart warming to read of your family gathering, and a nice number too.

  12. What a great casual photo of your father on such a special occasion. It sounds like a lot of fun. My side of the family that is here in New Brunswick tries to gather at Christmas time but we are a smallish group usually under 20. It seems we all can't get together at the same time. We had 2 'reunions' the past 2 summers though that got a few more here as our guests were from BC and Alberta! It's so much fun.

  13. No, thankfully. I find it frazzling. (No birthday parties in my future.)

    Your dad is so handsome. He is making 80 look fantastic. He'd be making 60 look great! In fact, I just asked John how old this man was and that's what he said!

  14. The birthday party sounds delightful! It is such fun to gather all the generations. I am sure that your dad was honored. A very happy birthday to him!

  15. Your dad is looking good at 80! It sounds like a fun celebration on Easter weekend.


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