Tuesday, April 22, 2014

On the Water at Last

What's your ideal vacation getaway? Several years ago we co-owned a sailboat with two other couples. We enjoyed our time on the water. The time came when, for various reasons, the boat was sold.

Since that time, Tim has dreamed of owning a boat again. Sailing is lovely, but there's little wind in the summer time here and I'm not much for getting out on the water when it's freezing cold. Mooring a boat is costly, so after much research, Tim decided that we would get the largest possible boat that can be pulled behind a passenger vehicle. 
Here's our 25 foot Albin. It looks small on the water, but has a cozy forward cabin complete with galley and head, a cockpit suitable for company, and an aft cabin that the Little Misses claim as their own. Yesterday was the first day we put it into the water. A test run, just a short jaunt into the water between islands. I took cleaning supplies along and did a little work in the galley, then decided to just enjoy the day.

My idea of an ideal vacation getaway is a trip to Europe. That's a little out of reach for practicality's sake. Tim's ideal is cruising up and down our coastline, stopping at quiet anchorages, hiking our beautiful islands, finding unique communities. I enjoy that, too. This summer, that's what we'll be doing. 

We have yet to decide on a name for the boat. Tim's first inclination was to name the boat Paris. "That way," he told me, "you can get to Paris whenever you want."  All the family laughed over that, knowing of my affection for France. I don't think that's what the final name will be, although that's the name that we talk about the most.

Grey blue sky, land and water. A distant sailboat provides a bit of focus. I enhanced the contrast in this photo so it looks brighter than it was. I didn't mind the grey. The brightness of Tim's smile more than made up for the dull day. When he's out on the water, cares fall away. Work has been particularly stressful for him lately and I'm delighted that we'll be spending time outdoors this summer. Perhaps next year we'll go to Europe. Or the next. For now, I'm making lists of boating supplies and menus to cook on the water.

Do you and your spouse differ in your vacation plans?  


  1. My husband has a stressful job too and boating through our married life has been a godsend. We do have different views on holidays and my husband has no desire to go to Paris and I have wanted to go for as long as I can remember. Next Spring I am going with my BFF.
    We named our Sea Ray Waterlust because we are pretty much home bodies. Paris sounds like it could be a fun name and you will have so many wonderful trips. We will look for you out there!

  2. My husband has a stressful job too and boating through our married life has been a godsend. We do have different views on holidays and my husband has no desire to go to Paris and I have wanted to go for as long as I can remember. Next Spring I am going with my BFF.
    We named our Sea Ray Waterlust because we are pretty much home bodies. Paris sounds like it could be a fun name and you will have so many wonderful trips. We will look for you out there!

  3. When you live on an island it seems like a good choice to have a boat. We are not boat people at this old house. A couple in our small group have a small sail boat that they sail about the San Juan Islands in.

  4. I just sent my hubby the link to your posting... he will be green with envy. It's his dream for us to move there and do something similar.

    I'm so happy for you and your hubby. What fun you will all have together on it.

    And the grey you mentioned, it looked quite beautiful from this end.

    Happy Day!

  5. What a lovely boat! I think you will have some wonderful adventures on the water this summer. So may pretty places to explore along your coast. Paris is a great name too. Keep the dream alive. :)

  6. So nice for you and your husband to fulfill a dream and look forward to visiting those lovely BC islands.

  7. The boat looks like a lot of fun! Enjoy! And your father looks so young for 80.

  8. Yes. We certainly do. = D

    How relaxing and fun to be out on the water. I see lots of adventures in your future. What about the mood such a boat creates or a play on words like Tranquille where the second syllable sounds like "keel." I am probably overthinking this. Ha!

  9. Look forward to hearing what you name your lovely boat and the many tales to tell of your sea-faring adventures.

  10. It looks wonderful. I would love to own a boat and be able to simply sail away when I wanted to.
    (Like right now. I kinda want to.) I am anxious to hear the name.

  11. Being on the water does take all the stress away. I get motion sickness very easily, but I love boats. There is something about being out there on the water that is very calming. Tell Tim I am glad he has a boat again.

  12. Sounds like some great times ahead...both family time and just-you-and-Tim time.
    I love the idea of naming the boat "Paris." The best of both worlds? :)

  13. At one point, my husband was more inclined to hike or paddle in remote areas, while I enjoyed city holidays. But he's been very accommodating over the last ten years, and we've enjoyed regular travel to European centres. It's probably my turn to make a few concessions, as you're so generously doing. I know you'll find many pleasures out on the water to reward your virtue.

  14. Sound like lots of fun time :)

  15. How lovely for you. For years we had a sailboat on the Cornish Estuary, but there came a time when we were away so much that it wasnt practical to keep her. There is nothing quite like a day on the water.
    Maybe call her 'Petit Bateau'?!

  16. Congratulations... I'm sure you will have many wonderful times in your new boat! I too would love to go to Paris one day. My daughter and I went to London years ago. She is my travel companion, as my hubby doesn't like to travel. Paris remains a dream... but dreams can come true!
    Have a lovely day today!

  17. I love your boat - how about 'Paris Dream' or 'Paris Soon'. Whatever name you choose Lorrie you will hopefully get back there one day soon. We are in the planning stages to visit there again next year too.

    Bob is definitely not a boating person, at least not on small boats. Right now another cruise ship is calling to us and those he seems to enjoy. As for getting him to share an expedition ship alongside me, with wild journeys in those Zodiac boats, I've given up trying to persuade him!

    Happy boating days, the trips along your lovely coastal areas sound wonderful for Summer.
    Hope you find some great recipes for rustling up on the boat.

    Hugs - Mary

  18. How fun. My husband's Canadian family have a wonderful cottage on a lake in Ontario and we enjoy the boating when we go up for a visit!

    I know you'll have a wonderful summer!


  19. Oh you lucky girl. Here we are surrounded by water bit to able to get out there on it and enjoy. Heaven!! Clarice

  20. Living on the water you should probably have a boat, but I think I would like a trip to Paris. I hope you enjoy it and it will be fun to see what you cook while boating.


  21. It sounds like you're going to have a wonderful summer!

  22. We both just like to travel and usually both enjoy wherever it is we go. No boat here though, I think we would like it. Usually I am the one that says "why don't we go here next?" and he usually says "sure". I did go to Paris the first time with a small group of women, then the next year my husband and I went and I was the tour guide. Enjoy the boat!

  23. Planning where to go isn't too hard because we are quite limited, which is fine for where we are in our lives. My son will be home for the summer and has found a sail boat that "needs work" . We have a pond on our property. A paddle boat kind of pond but we thought how fun it would be to anchor a sail boat (it's cheap) to just sit on it. Probably won't do it as there would be a storage problem for the winter but boy we had fun thinking about it. I'd have a boat in a heart beat if we lived close to water. For your kind of boating, not swimming or skiing. And, compromise is what makes a marriage strong and work! :)

  24. Hooray! I'd have loved to see dad's smile.

  25. This sounds all too familiar Lorrie.
    My husband (aka the yachtie) has been brought up with boats all his life.
    We had one when the children were young too - but I'm more the land-lubber who enjoys France too!
    Our niece was promised a trip to Paris for her 40th birthday - but her husband bought a boat instead and they called it Paris - great minds....!

    My yachtie is restoring an old classic launch, it's painstaking work, but he loves it.
    God willing we will launch it later in the year in time for summer!
    I'll put some photos up soon.
    I can imagine Tim's smile - I've seen that same look many times over the years!

  26. It sounds like you are in for a lot of fun! I think Paris is a great name...or La Parisienne.

  27. What a fun time you are going to have Lorrie and the grand children I am sure will become boat lovers.


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