On Absent Mindedness and Waiting

Doesn't it seem like we've waited a long time for this particular spring? It does to me, and I live in the most mild climate in Canada. I'm just so glad to see these brighter days. I love going out into my garden to see what new thing is blooming, growing, bursting with life. 

Pink cherry blossoms are flying like stars about the town just now. But these blossoms, white, not pink, are something special. They're blooming in our yard with the hope of fruit. Cherries, if we can get them before the birds do. We planted fruit trees last year and picked all the blossoms off so as to give the trees a chance to grow before fruiting. This year, we're hoping for fruit.

Mesclun lettuce growing in the garden bed. We won't be waiting very long before harvesting some of this. 

I read somewhere today of someone who went to the post office with a chocolate bar in one hand and a letter to mail in the other. She mistakenly mailed the chocolate bar. It reminded me of an event several years ago.

A bad cold had me in its grip. I don't take any medications beyond ibuprofen for I'm highly sensitive. Cold medications never. But this particular cold was terrible. In desperation I took one third of a tablet designed to ease the congestion. I had several errands to run that day and came home feeling dragged out only to discover that the letter I had mailed that day was still sitting on my desk. The envelope I slipped into the mail slot was empty. Then the library called to tell me that I had returned a DVD that belonged to the video rental store.

Later that afternoon, I picked up the remote to change the channel on the television. I clicked and clicked and nothing worked. One of my children, I don't remember which, looked at me strangely and said, "Mom, you're holding the telephone." 

And that's why I don't do "drugs." 

Have you ever done something absentminded, either under the influence or not? 


  1. I'm chuckling reading this post. Yes, I have done some absent minded things many times and likely will continue to. As long as we can laugh about them, and it's nothing serious. :-)

  2. I agree with Judith. It's likely happening more frequently than ever but laughing at myself is a good way to handle it. Too bad the chocolate bar didn't have an address on it!

  3. Hahahaha...funny you should ask. Today, I had a small cup of cheeze-its beside a hot cup of coffee. Now I have a burned hand. John looked at me so funny. Good thing the boys didn't notice. And I have no drugs to blame!

    The lettuce is as pretty as the flowers!

  4. It must be so beautiful there right now Lorrie. I love the tulip photo. Well, I did laugh at what drugs do to you. Oh my, that is funny. I can't take certain lemon cold drink medicine or other cold meds either and nothing stronger than Tylenol Extra Strength as I go a bit loopy. Makes life interesting.

  5. Your sightings of Spring in the mildest part of the country are a blessing to the eyes. Those cherry blossoms are utterly adorable. And as for those fresh sprigs of lettuce coming, well, as Vee already mentioned intimated, quite as pretty as the flowers.

    As for those cold meds, I see why you must decidedly stay far away from them. Enjoyed the story though.

  6. Your tulips are going to be so pretty! I love them when they are just emerging. I think my favorite line I've ever read on a blog is, "Pink cherry blossoms are flying like stars about the town just now." Such a pretty little poetic statement! Funny you should be talking about making mistakes while on cold meds. I am on them today and made a quilt block. When I got it all done and was so proud I lifted it up and realized I had a big hole in it:) Quilting is not something you should try to do whilst under the influence:)

  7. Oh my...you are sensitive to drugs. Is it OK that I'm chuckling ? I can't do muscle relaxers. They really make me stupid.

  8. I rarely take anything either . . . I am an over-reactor for sure. Sure hope you get to eat cherries.

  9. It is like walking into a room and forgetting why you are there.
    Love the cherry blossoms. I have two very old cherry trees,
    neither is producing much anymore and the squirrels like eating
    the blossoms. I have been enjoying seeing the white snow falling
    from the sky and each year I hope maybe we will be some cherries.
    I hope you do, they are wonderful when they produce.

  10. Yes I have. One which annoys me is: push my cart out of the grocery store, park the cart to the side by the front door, go get my car, drive home, open the trunk to unload the grocery, and find the trunk empty.... And I have done this more than once too! I love your cherry flowers. I think you will have lots of fruits this year. Make sure you cover them with a strong net. Not only do birds steal them, but flying squirrels (ugly things, do you have them?) stripped ours in ONE evening the moment there was a little color to the fruits.

  11. You are not alone - I have had my moments. Your flowers are lovely. I need a little eye candy.


  12. The sight of that lettuce made me smile.....how I wish it were in my garden!

  13. I think our minds tend to wander off sometimes. It can happen to me weather I'm preoccupied with something else or if I'm really at ease. I'm glad spring has arrived in your parts of the world, your images are beautiful.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  14. Thanks for this post today, Lorrie! How amazing that just sowing a tiny seed in the soil, or plant a bulb, we can end up with something so very beautiful and comforting!
    Thank you for your several nice words and for taking the time to always brighten my days! It means a lot!

  15. What a great way to start my morning! The photos are lovely, and the stories made me giggle in recognition because I'm prone to doing exactly those kinds of things.

  16. You are ahead of us with blossom, and lettuces too!
    Absent mindedness...seems to always occur in relation to my reading glasses...now where did I leave them this time??

  17. Gorgeous photos! The only absent-minded moments I'll admit to publicly are the two times (2x!) I drove to work with a hot mug of tea on the roof. Only discovered it when it finally slid off and crashed. Scared me to death, and I felt awfully embarrassed. Looked around to see if any other drivers noticed, and wondered how many had seen me drive by that way.

  18. Oh, wow! Good thing nothing serious happened!

    Spring has taken a very long time to get here but I think it is here finally in Pennsylvania. I have crocus and daffodils blooming, and the tulips are coming up, so are the irises. I love this time of year!


  19. At least you had a good explanation for your actions, Lorrie! For me, it's most likely that I'm trying to remember where I put down my glasses.

  20. I'm sorry to laugh, but that is hilarious! You ARE sensitive aren't you?! LOL!

  21. Oh my goodness you made me laugh. Believe me I've done my share of absentminded things and usually feel pretty silly afterwards. - Lovely tulips in your garden.

  22. LOL... I'm getting more forgetful as I get older, but that's because I need more RAM (memory upgrade). After a while, I have to toss out stored information to make room for new info. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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  24. Lol. This week I caught myself rifling through the fridge in search of . . . the cheese grater. No drugs were involved, but it's a well documented fact that making supper doesn't always mix well with a toddler.


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