Moody Seas Weekend

Saturday morning. On a boat (not ours) just off Vancouver Island. The seas were lumpy as 8 good friends made their way across the water to Pender Island. Laughter is a great way to ward off any seasickness. Blue skies, bluer water. 

Arriving in Poet's Cove where the more sheltered water was smoother. Vivid early green maple leaves stand bright among the dark conifers. 

Monochrome Sunday morning. Time with good friends. Laughter, good food, great discussions that ranged from politics to spirituality to food to hopes and dreams. Enriching.

Sea and sky were variable, changing quickly from grey to blue within minutes. Lovely coastline views. Our short getaway was refreshing, inspiring, and full of fun.  We soaked in the hot tub overlooking the water, hiked some very easy trails, and did I mention we laughed?

On the shore beside the dock, this heron posed for a farewell photo. Isn't he beautiful? He was so still we joked about the resort possibly installing an artificial heron there. But no, his majestic stance is real. 

A weekend away - this is the 3rd annual getaway with this group of friends. I hope there are many more of them. Once we arrived home our daughter and her husband hosted the family for a lasagna dinner. A niece and her husband were in town for a short while. They spent the night with us and left this morning, planning to hike along our beautiful coastline. 

What was your weekend like? Busy or quiet? 


  1. It's so green already and the sky looks beautiful in your photos. What a nice way to spend time with friends. We hiked yesterday but it was HOT! Felt good to get outside and see the sights though. Enjoy your week! Hugs!

  2. Nothing compares with a gathering of good friends.
    As for our weekend, Friday we were with friends for a lovely evening, but the remainder was spent trying to deal with my Mom's dementia and illness (she is 94)

  3. Compared to yours, our weekend was very quiet! Yours sounded such fun.

  4. Did you camp? the water looks so inviting. It has gotten hot and humid and like summer here …

  5. I love the beautiful blues and greens of the water, sky and trees. Great capture of the heron! It sounds like a really fun getaway weekend for you and your friends - so good for a lot of reasons. I think it's time for us to do that again soon. We had a good weekend - not too quiet and not too busy. :) I hope your week is wonderful.

  6. How I would love a get away for a weekend with friend that includes laughter and wonderful discussions.
    What a treat and the view was just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing it.

  7. It sounds like a delightful weekend...a getaway, friendship, family gathering...all good!
    We had a lovely weekend too, semi-quiet Saturday, baby shower on Sunday. Again...all good!

  8. Nothing much more energizing than spending time with peers who are sharing life's journey at more or less the same speed. Sounds like such fun. You certainly had a beautiful getaway.

    1. Quiet...very, very quiet.

  9. What a fabulous trip and good times with friends and family. The photos are stunning and of course I'm partial to the heron - though the blue skies and water are calling to me.

  10. Looks glorious! And time with friends is always well spent!

  11. What a wonderful weekend you had! Ours wasn't as special, but we did enjoy the sunshine in the garden. . .

  12. We had a lovely weekend. Warmish, sunny, good fellowship too. It is rejuvenating isn't it?


  13. What beautiful photos of your time away. Sounds great to plan weekends like this annually!

  14. Your weekend away sounds like a great treat. Time with your husband, and time with friends who sound like kindred spirits - perfect.
    Our weekend? Spent quietly at home, digging, planting flowers, weeding beds - all so very satisfying.

  15. What a gorgeous place you have shared, the images are wonderful~

  16. Looks lovely and the blues are stunning. Pretty Heron, quite different to our greys.

  17. Those weekends are the best!
    Away from the usual chores that demand our time when we are at home.
    It is wonderful being away and just sit still, in the company of good friends who are kindred spirits.
    I'm looking forward to such days once our boat is back in the water!

  18. What a beautiful place. I would enjoy time spent there and the Heron shot was just wonderful.

  19. That sounds like such a great weekend. We all need friends like that. Friends you can laugh lots with are the best.

  20. Beautiful! Your photos reminded me again what a wonderful Creator we have...Pender Island looks amazing!
    Blessings, Aimee
    PS: Happy to hear you had a great time of laughter with your friends! Laughter is SO good for one's soul!


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