Friday, July 08, 2016

Castle Ruins: Les Andelys

The days are blurring together. Was it yesterday or the day before that we visited the two little towns of Les Andelys? We drift on the river, eat, walk, laugh and talk. This is the most relaxing vacation - no concerns about what to eat or when, where to visit, etc. 

The building above sits very near where our boat tied up. It used to be a convent, then a hospital, and is now a retirement home.

Richard the Lion-Heart, sometimes known as Good King Richard, built this castle in the late 12th century. High on a hill, with an imposing command of the river, it was intended to be a defensive castle that would enable Richard, the English king, to maintain control of this part of Normandy. 

Constructed in about one year (an amazing feat considering its size), it's a massive stronghold that was conquered by the King of France after a nearly year long seige about 10 years later. 

Clambering about the ruins, peering through the windows, and shivering in the dungeon makes me very thankful that I live in the modern age and not the medieval one. 

Here's the view from the top. It was a steep, but short climb. We're enjoying amazing weather - apparently Normandy can be very hit or miss when it comes to sunny, warm days.

Richard the Lion-Heart also oversaw the construction of the church in the photo. 

Here we are. 

My mind is filling up with images and thoughts about the things we've seen and done, and I need time to process them. So I'll leave you with the photos.

As I write, the photos are not loading properly - they look fuzzy. We'll see if this posts or not. 


  1. The photos are beautiful, and your description of the perfect vacation makes me very happy for you and your husband that you agree on that point :-)

    I can relate to your problem of loading photos, etc... when I am away from home, as right now, I seem to spend way too much time getting the technology to work for purposes of my blog! Thank you for sharing!

    (Case in point: Captcha can't find me right now, to approve my comment!)

  2. This is part of France I have yet to see and very much want to. Love the castle ruins, it reminds me of some similar ones further south that we hiked to. Love it!

  3. Oh it sounds like the most perfect of vacations...relaxing, fun, easy. You both seem very happy and at ease. Why can't all of life be this way?

  4. It sounds like a good vacation where you're not pushing yourself to be sure to see __________ but going slow and doing just what you want. You guys look like realized tourists!

  5. Anonymous4:22 PM

    Love the photo of the two of you. You look like you are in your element! Sounds lovely...

  6. Your photos are crisp enough and I enjoyed looking at them. What a lovely, restful holiday.

  7. I'm so happy to hear that you're enjoying your visit to Normandy and that the weather is good, it usually stops raining as soon as we leave to go on vacation somewhere else! We have driven by Richard's ruined castle many times but never yet stopped to take a look around. How funny that you're showing me what it's like!

  8. You are in an area that is chock full of history, so much to take in. Very easy to get lost in the beauty and characterful architecture and stories of the past. Enjoy every second.

  9. Such a lovely area to explore.

  10. Sounds idyllic, a beautiful country to explore.

  11. I'd have to say that is the ultimate retirement home! :)

  12. Such a fabulous trip and you two look great together.

  13. Oh the loveliness of it all - great photos and I love your header!!!

  14. It's right what they say about US tourists "it's Paris so it must be Tuesday". I'm sure you will understand and we are a bit like that too, always trying to fit so much in.


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