Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Paris Details

Walking through Paris is a feast for the eyes. My neck feels like it's on a swivel most of the time as my gaze wanders up and down, left and right. Not all balconies are as beautifully decorated as this one, which makes it extra picture-worthy.

An interesting swirl of vines in a rough heart shape adds charm to this window on Ile Saint Louis. 

Paris' skies have been mostly cloudy, and it's cool here. I'm glad for my jacket. And my hair is frizzing away. When the sun does shine and the sky turns blue, I take off my jacket and revel in the warmth on my back.

And I take photos. The cross above is part of Notre Dame Cathedral. 

An interior shot of Notre Dame. It's amazing to consider the construction of these buildings in an age without machinery and technology. Such mathematical precision, such awareness of force and gravity, such patience in building. 

Tim took this photo of me sitting on the ledge of a stone pillar in the apse of the cathedral. Given the comfort of this seat, I wonder who else has rested here over the centuries? The long procession of history here boggles the mind of this woman from the "new" world. 

Lunch, eaten outside while we watched the crowds flow by, consisted of today's special: for me, Endive Salad with Roquefort cheese, Salmon and Leek Quiche. Lovely. 

Doorways painted in shades of dark green, shiny black, forest green stand in harmonious juxtaposition to stone buildings. This paler blue one begged me to take its photo. I obliged. 

We wandered over to the Jardin de Luxembourg and watched small children push sailboats across the pond with rubber tipped sticks provided by the park. Older people, some of whom are fascinated by boats, marveled at the way the sails on these little wooden boats are trimmed so precisely to enable them to sail merrily across the pond in straight lines without tipping. The boats are all marked with various countries - this red and white one has CA on it - for Canada.

Gardens in France are not as lushly floral as those elsewhere in the world. This bed or petunias, begonias, cosmos and salvia caught my eye.

Today has been interesting. After our breakfast of tea and chocolate bread (for me), cafe au lait and apple pastry (Tim) and a shared yogurt, we and our friends planned to take the Metro to our cruise rendez-vous hotel and then go on a hop on hop off bus tour. 

We got onto the Metro, but after just a few moments, I heard an announcement about strikes. The train stopped and everyone got off. All the civic employees went on strike. Hmmm. How to get to the meeting place? Buses weren't working either. We were fortunate enough to hail a taxi who drove through gridlock traffic, planned alternate routes when streets were blocked off with police tape, and got us to the hotel. 

Staying nearby seemed most prudent, so we wandered through the Montparnasse Cemetery, bought delicious sandwiches at a Monoprix, and watched the pigeons while we ate.

As I type, I'm sitting in our cabin on the Avalon Creativity watching the water lap outside our window. Wifi is good now, but is likely going to be very spotty in the future. Hence a long post two days in a row. 


  1. The strike was all over the news. Glad to hear you are having such a great time, Notre Dame is magnificent isn't it? Paris such a beautiful to be...

  2. Ah yes! The infamous strikes -- we've had travel challenges thanks to those on several of our visits -- I remember one time particularly, walking from the Gare du Nord across the city all the way to the 13th for our hotel near the Gobelins Museum. . . always glad we only have carry-on to pull along!
    Your photos are wonderful, as always, and it's a delight to follow you on your travels. . .

  3. I have heard a lot about those strikes...
    One doesn't need to look far to see beauty in Paris...such beautiful photos!
    Love those painted doors...they captivated my imagination when i was there and I snuck inside an open door to glimpse the verdant courtyard inside...there is a wee bit of magic behind closed doors.

  4. I so enjoyed Paris on a trip several years ago with my family. We were in the whirlwind tour as we only had four days there. I would love to go again and take my time.

  5. Beautiful photos - Paris is a joy.
    Fil @ Fil’s Place - Old songs and Memories

  6. Your photos are just wonderful. Thanks for the memories. How we loved watching the children and their sailboats.

  7. Yes, well, how about them European Championships.

  8. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Love every photo you shared Lorrie. Phooey about the strike but how nice you managed to get a taxi and made it to your hotel.

  9. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos, Lorrie. I enjoyed seeing Paris through your eyes. Hope that the strike doesn't hamper the rest of your sightseeing.

  10. All of these photos are beautiful. My favorite is of the blue-eyed woman wearing a scarf that matches her eyes just so...it might be the faint smile as well. May the strike end well and soon before it messes up the vacation in the least.

  11. Lovely photos!

    Off to read your other post!

  12. The first photo just makes me sigh--so gorgeous!

  13. Sorry you hit a strike - they happen often unfortunately!
    Lovely pix of your city walk, you are so right about so much to see.

    Hope you enjoy your river boat trip - is your cruise director Hendrik by chance?
    Hope you love it all - can't wait to hear which shore excursions you've picked!

    Hugs - Mary

  14. I so love your pictures...I don't know that we will ever visit France. How beautiful...the picture of you as well! Enjoy!


  15. Oh Lorrie, what a blessed time for you {though I'm sorry about the strike}. Your photos are simply divine and I honestly can't wait to see more :)

    Enjoy and take care, dear one. Hugs!

  16. I'm enjoying following your Paris adventures, Lorrie, thanks for taking us along. And for sharing these lovely photos.

  17. Glad to hear that la grève didn't stop your fun in Paris and hopefully all will be plain sailing as you head down to Normandy where I heard that the sun is shining today!

  18. Ah, the French love their strikes ! Paris looks delightful and now a cruise. Great. Looking forward to the photos. Have fun !

  19. You are having a wonderful time and seeing so much. The flowers are pretty, aren't they. Nothing like a transportation strike to keep things interesting. Enjoy and more photos, please.

  20. Looks like a glorious place to experience, Lorrie.
    I'd love to visit Notre Dame Cathedral! Love your photo!

  21. Ohhh how wonderful that you are in Paris. I am so happy for you. The first photo just says everything to me. But I do like to read your poetic writing. Enjoy your Summer in France. xx

  22. Beautiful! All so beautiful! Glad you are there. You must feel like you are in heaven! Enjoy!

  23. Very inconsiderate of them to have a strike when you had come all that way to visit! Glad that you are still getting out and about and having a wonderful time despite that!

  24. I have enjoyed following along in regards to this trip of yours :)

  25. Travel adventures make the trip most memorable! So glad you found an alternate mode of transportation!

    Enjoy every moment...and keep sharing those beautiful pic's!

  26. Just beautiful photos, felt like we were traveling with your Lorrie.


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