Saturday, July 16, 2016

Taking it Easy

Scientists say that learning new things is a good way to maintain brain plasticity. Our brains had a good workout yesterday as we rented a car and drove to the Cotswolds. Tim drove and I went "eek, eek" from the driver's seat. It seemed like cars approaching around corners were going to drive straight into us. As we left the motorway (the M roads), and the A roads, the way became narrower and narrower. I sucked in my stomach and pulled my elbows closer to my body in an involuntary response to shrink the car. It didn't work. But somehow, we made it without incident. Thanks be to God.

As we zoomed along, tall stalks of cow parsley waved at us from the roadsides. In places, the road seemed to be a mere track between two high banks. Unnerving. Then I saw my first Cotswold stacked stone wall. So picturesque. There was no way I was going to ask Tim to stop for photos. Where would we stop? There's no shoulder. 

The wall above surrounds the churchyard in the small town of Woodmancote where we are staying. It's so pretty. There are bound to be more photos of stone walls. 

We arrived around dinnertime and after settling into our Air BnB room (delightful), and talking with our host, we walked into town to find some dinner. We didn't have much luck. The one pub was full up until 11 pm, and the other we tried didn't serve food in the evenings. A dinner of ale wasn't appealing, so we found a pizza place, ordered, and walked home with it.

Before we went to bed, I started feeling a bit off. In the middle of night, Tim began. Something we ate, I assume. It's been a very quiet day here. Tim slept most of the day. I was doing better so I walked, much more slowly than usual, to the local Tesco supermarket and got him some Sprite. He slept. I read. Watched a little television. Took a nap. He still didn't want anything to eat in the evening, so I took another walk to Tesco's and bought myself some bread, cooked chicken and an avocado for dinner. The rental car is only in Tim's name so I can't drive it. Can't say that's a bad thing.

If we have to be ill, we've settled in a wonderful location. Our Air BnB lodging has a private entrance through a sunlit conservatory where I'm sitting now, at the table, overlooking the very quiet and pretty garden, and an upstairs loft bedroom and bath. 

I'm feeling much better and Tim seems to be on the mend as well. Nothing to worry about. Tomorrow we hope to visit Hailes Abbey and perhaps Sudeley Castle. I don't think we'll be doing a vigorous hike quite yet.

Thank you for all of your comments on these posts. I will catch up with you when we return from our travels. I took these photos during my walk to and from Tesco's this morning.


  1. Welcome to English roads! Dartmoor was much the same, only with the added problem of sheep. Sorry you were not well, sometimes take-aways aren't so good.

  2. Oh Lorrie, it is all so gorgeous there! I would be doing the same as you with those roads. Think of the memories you are making and how you will be laughing someday at all of this. I'm glad to hear you are both on the mend and will be off again tomorrow for more fun adventures.

  3. That first photo is stunning. I did not know that the roads were so narrow. I think I would have been screaming a bit! But what beauty you get to see. Sorry that you are a bit ill but maybe it was time to rest for a while. Enjoy just laying around in a beautiful place.

  4. Dear Lorrie
    Last week we visited cotswolds too.
    This was the first time to drive by myself in UK, and it was really an adventure.
    They drive so fast even on narrow roads, sometimes at the speed of 50 miles an hour!
    But, we really enjoyed everything in Cotswolds; beautiful views, stunnig gardens, public footpaths, delicious food at restaurant/pub and so on.
    Please enjoy Cotswolds.

  5. This made me laugh - not the bit about the two of you being ill, of course, but the part about sucking in tummy and tucking in elbows on the narrow roads!
    I hope your next days find you feeling much better as you continue to enjoy your lovely holiday.

  6. This made me laugh - not the bit about the two of you being ill, of course, but the part about sucking in tummy and tucking in elbows on the narrow roads!
    I hope your next days find you feeling much better as you continue to enjoy your lovely holiday.

  7. I'm glad you're both feeling a bit better. Never good to be ill, especially far from home. But sweet that you found a lovely place to be. Hope the rest of your journey is full of wonderful days and good health.

  8. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Lorrie, I'm so sorry to hear that you and your husband were not feeling well. I am glad that you are both better now. Such a beautiful place to be sick & recover though! I love the stone walls. ♥

  9. Anonymous6:58 PM

    Oh boy I can relate to tucking in to make the car smaller. Those lanes are so narrow! Good ole Tesco, we found some good things to picnic with there. Hope you both are tip top soon! Love the Cotswolds.

  10. What a shame to feel ill in such a lovely place. I hope you're both back to full speed soon to enjoy a part of the world that must be heavenly. Except for the white knuckle trips on a different side of the road!

  11. I am sorry to learn that you have both been ill...especially burdensome during vacation. But, as you pointed out, it is a mercy that you are in a good place for rest. Take care. Praying you're both blessed with a quick recovery and some more happy travels!

  12. Sounds like that pizza was the cause of your tummy upset, what a shame! Hope you are feeling better now and ready to enjoy the beautiful Cotswolds. We stayed there for three weeks some years ago now and loved every inch of them. Keep the photos and posts coming, I am loving them.

  13. Your pics are gorgeous, Lorrie, and I know I'd feel the same as you on those roads. i try to shrink when we drive through the NC mountains.

    So sorry you both got a bug. Hubby and I shared a plate of clams on Martha's Vineyard once and he was the one who got the bad one. Thankfully he bounces back much faster than I and it ended up being a very small blip in the radar.

    Looking forward to more posts!

  14. Know what you mean about pressing your arms in to make the car smaller! So sorry to hear tht you have both been ill and hope for a swifty recovery, you are in a beautiful part of the country and Sudeley castle has so much history, I hope you enjoy your visit there and that you both continue to feel well again:)

  15. Boo hiss on any sort of illness while on vacation, but very glad to know that you are on the mend. Hope that you find a good eatery of the joys of travel.

    Such lovely only connection with the Cotswalds is via PBS programming and Rosamunde Pilcher so I look forward to your posts.

    Wonderful descriptions, too!

  16. hello
    tout vas bien ????
    superbe petit village typiquement Anglais
    un peu sauvage
    merci de se partage
    edith (iris)

  17. I did smile at your view on our roads, I suppose they do they take a little getting used to. Hope you are both feeling better and enjoy your stay.

  18. Glad you are both better now - Traveler's Tummy is never fun!

    I have never driven in the UK - I was 18 when I left and we didn't have many cars in those days. Bob used to drive rentals but gave up several years back as it was getting too stressful for us both. Now we take public transportation or rely on my family and friends to take us about. . . . . . . and of course we walk a lot which isn't easy-going in my home town which is built on seven hills!

    Have fun - Mary

  19. Good to hear you weren't sick for long. No fun at all, especially when traveling. Glad you had a nice place to recuperate.

  20. Oh no, bless your hearts being ill away from home.
    Hope you are both better now,


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