Tuesday, July 26, 2016

It's All about the Hat

Sports leave me cold. I have no interest in watching them, playing them, nor do I really care who wins. Oh, I can drum up some national spirit if Team Canada is vying for the gold medal in hockey at the Olympics, but that's about it. 

As you may remember, the Euro Cup 2016 took place earlier this month. In France. In fact, the final matches were the week we were on the cruise boat. Team spirit ran high. When the final came down to France vs Portugal, most people had strong opinions one way or the other. Our boat docked in Paris that night, and the Eiffel Tower was visible from the top deck. Big screens played the game to the crowds at the Tower. We weren't certain if the smoke visible in the photo was from fireworks or tear gas - both of which played a part in the evening. Off-duty crew were able to watch the match from a small television on deck. 

I didn't really care about the outcome, although if someone asked me, I'd say I'd like France to win. What I really wanted was ...

...a hat. Like this one, seen on the captain of the ship. I thought it would be a great addition to my French classroom. There were lots of hats being worn that week, but I couldn't find any in the stores. Perhaps we were in the wrong stores. 

The night of the big game, I spoke to the captain and he told me that if France won, I could have the hat the very next day. 

You might know how that turned out. France lost to Portugal. In overtime. I said nothing to the captain the next day. He looked very, very glum. Devastated, I heard someone say. 

No hat for my French class. Dommage. 

As Tim and I trundled our bags away from the ship on the last day, a group of crew members chatted a little distance away. One of them came over - it was the captain.

"Do you still want the hat?" he asked. 

Mais oui! 

He asked me to wait and brought me his hat. He apparently recovered from his "devastation" for he's smiling here.

"Next time, perhaps France will win," I suggested, in my best French.

"I hope so," he replied.

As a bonus, there's a music box in the hat that plays the Marseillaise - the French national anthem. Won't this be a great story to tell my Grade 8s? 

PS. The other gentleman in the photo is our cruise director. He cared as much about who won the game as I did, but thought the hat incident great fun. 


  1. Your students are going to love this - especially the music box in the hat! Great story :) x K

  2. Must have been quite the excitement in the air, regardless of the fact that you didn't care who won. I don't either actually :) The music box in the hat will be a great for show and tell :)

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. A lovely bit of 'Entente Cordiale' - there is so much more in the world that unites us rather than divides us.

  4. I was SO glad when the Cup was over and done with and off TV. The Great Dane is a fan and it felt as though there was a game on 24/7.
    I'm sure the hat will provide a very good prompt for fun in French class!

  5. A charming story of how you came to own your new chapeau. I predict it will be a big hit with your students.

  6. Yes! I can think of a few times when you can trot the hat out with pride. Your class will love it! Great story... (The captain may not have wanted to part with his hat if his team had won.)

  7. Love it! You look wonderful in your new hat!
    Thank you and the captain for the smiles, made my day

  8. Great story! So glad you got the hat and it will be great to tell your students about it.....and to play the tune too!
    Helen xox

  9. See dear, I knew you wold enjoy Avalon and their great crews - this is a great story and the kids will love hearing it!

    Like you, sports do not take up any of my time, not interested at all!

  10. That is just a wonderful story, and there's no question that hat is going to enliven many a future French class.

  11. Anonymous5:57 PM

    Fun story. I did watch that match and it had a story all it's own. A great underdog story and Portugal ended up winning after their star player was injured shortly into the game. I understand that many people aren't interested in sports at all.

  12. Quite the hat, and the stories you will be able to tell with it! Interesting that it has a music box too.
    I take sports lightly, watch the blue jays occasionally and some of the olympics if in the mood. Others, as you know sure take their sports (and teams) seriously. :-)
    I didn't mention any names or that they might live in the same house as me. lol

  13. Oh Lorrie I am just loving living vicariously through you. Your fashion post was so lovely and the hat is a hoot!

  14. That's a great story!

  15. It I always the unexpected kindnesses that mean the most. A great story and the best of memories, The captain was a good sport.

  16. This is a great story for sur! Love that you got the hat!

  17. What a great story! That is the best kind of souvenir.

  18. Ahhh, I love your cute hat....and I love your story even more. You look adorable in it...and that Captain "ain't" too bad looking himself....

  19. What a fun hat to have. Your class will love it so much!
    Do you watch tennis? A Canadian came close to winning at Wimbledon just recently. Watch for him, Milos Raonic, he came in second. A friend of mine designs the clothes he wears for New Balance, that is why I know.

  20. What a great story and the perfect addition for the French class. I am not really interested in sports either.

  21. This was such a fun post to read! We are all getting in on the FUN! And I'm impressed that you travel with a white jacket. I love to wear white but I'm not sure I'm that brave. Hugs, Diane

  22. I am so glad he gave it to you anyway because let's face it, it isn't his lucky hat after all ha! I am sure your class will love the story xx

  23. What fun!!! Such a great story and your French class will love it.


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