More about Sudeley Castle

I was so enchanted by Sudeley Castle that here is another post with more photos. The Cotswold countryside is full of fields and pastures that resemble a patchwork quilt with wide blocks of green forests. 

More of the ruins of the great banqueting hall, this time taken from the second story of the house, in the section still lived in by the family. This view is from one of the guest bedrooms. 

Elizabeth I visited the castle at least 3 times. She got on well with her stepmother Catherine Parr, and likely spent some time there with her before she (Elizabeth) became queen. The knot garden is based on a design from a dress that Elizabeth I wore for a painting that hangs in the castle.

Another detail of that banquet hall ruin. Can't get enough of it. 

This rose climbed very, very high to bloom alongside the empty window. I zoomed in as much as possible to get this shot. 

There's a wonderful rose garden, with all the roses labeled. I took many photos there, but this rose was against the castle wall, nameless, but oh, so wonderfully scented. Isn't she beautiful?

What did we do today? A little of this and not much of that. Walked a little, got lost, drove even narrower roads without a scratch, sat in the garden here and read. I have nothing but admiration for English drivers. They are patient with us, seem to be able to stop on a dime to avoid collisions, and take the narrow roads with savoir faire. Amazing!

Tomorrow we head for Wales. 


  1. I like that you have the spaciousness in your travels to take it a little slow and absorb more. More lovely photos, your camera eye is so good.

  2. We visited here some years ago, so beautiful. The roses in among the ruins are so beautiful.

  3. What a marvelous trip. I just finished reading a historical fiction on the relationship of Elizabeth I and her lover Robert--last name now escapes me. Love English history and so I enjoy your photos. Wonderful.

  4. Bob says he agrees with you wholeheartedly about the Brits and their driving skills!

    Lovely scenery - roses and ruins, always mesmerizing. Sounds like things are going well, I'm so glad you are having nice weather to see the beautiful countryside.

    Mary -

  5. I am thrilled to hear you are enjoying this beautiful weather that we are having, long may it last.

  6. We are all extra careful on the roads in the knowledge that the 'Tourists' are around!
    So lovely to have time to relax amongst your travels, much better than the tours that rush you from place to place.

  7. I'm glad we went back to this place, it is lovely and I enjoyed seeing more. It looks so green and cool and fresh. Big sigh.

  8. Glad to see more of it and the surroundings...what lovely countryside.

  9. Oh my - this is lovely.....I had to scroll down and see the rest of it in your previous posts! You must be so thrilled to be in this beautiful place - storybook place - walking around in history's footprints! Despite the terrible past, this place looks so peaceful and serene. The rolling hills do remind me of Oregon, don't they? Early English and Scottish immigrants must have thought they had found home here in the Northwest. And the thrilled for you! So nice to see your beautiful photos! xx K

  10. So wonderful. Such a beautiful place and I enjoyed the history so much.

  11. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Beautiful, beautiful. I love seeing all of this through your lens. Enjoy Wales! We've been contemplating how to see England the next time we go without having to drive...

  12. Just catching up. Glad to hear that you are having fun and that Tim is better and that you are managing to navigate the roads well. Don't think that we don't breathe in and hold our breath going down those narrow roads because we do too! The roads are very different to North America aren't they. It seems to work though and going slowly so you can stop easily just means you have more time to enjoy the scenery doesn't it! You have put me to shame because I haven't been to the Abbey or Sudeley, but I want to go now because they look and sound wonderful! Enjoy!!! xx

  13. What great photos, as always, Lorrie! I need to go get caught up on your posts. My late beloved and I only visited Ireland and someday I'd love to visit England. At least I can enjoy through you.

  14. I am catching up with your travel posts, Lorrie and enjoying them immensely! My son visited the beaches of Normandy so your post about that brought back memories of his photos from 15 years ago. I also loved your post of the area where Van Gogh painted in his last days. It was amazing to see a comparison of the scenery with his actual painting, and to see his and Theo's grave. i read the book "Dear Theo" which is a compilation of their letters to each other, many years ago. I'm glad the illness that hit you and your husband was not lasting or serious and I'm glad you are taking it easy and enjoying the beautiful English countryside!

  15. Beautiful photos my friend.

  16. Delightful architecture and love how the design of the knot garden came about.


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