Friday, October 14, 2022

October Daily 14: Where Autumn Comes Early


In the third week of August we were heading home from our trip to the Arctic, driving south through British Columbia. One of my aunts and her husband live in Granisle, a small town about an hour off the main highway. We arranged to stop for a visit on our way home. They took us on a very interesting tour of the area, once home to two copper mines. 

We noticed several trees already changing colour and could feel that autumn was just around the corner. 

Another sign of autumn's arrival was the spawning salmon. I was thrilled when I saw that I had taken several photos with fish jumping up the falls. 

It was such a beautiful day with the clear still water. There is a lot of effort put into providing spawning grounds for salmon in the area, with five kilometres of spawning channels in another part of the river. 

Logging is still a big part of the economy in the area, and this barge, holding four fully loaded logging trucks, was an impressive sight. It was interesting to see the work that goes on in our province. We are very much a resource-based economy, focusing on logging, mining, and fishing.

Today was a home-keeping day - laundry, a bit of cleaning, and baking bread. My youngest daughter, Ashley, and Iris and Cora spent the afternoon and we enjoyed a little tea and cookies together.  

This evening we're watching Dr. Blake, a mystery series set in Australia, on our public broadcasting station, and enjoying a cup of tea alongside. 


  1. Great shot of the salmon! There is an effort here to bring them back to our streams and rivers too.

  2. It is a thrill to see the salmon in your photo! A blogger taking the picture makes it more real.

  3. Oh I haven’t come across Dr Blake this side of the pond. I dare say it will eventually make its way over. That boat with the logging lorries looked intriguing. B x

  4. Hi Lorrie~ I love seeing the beautiful photos you take! That Salmon just stands out so beautifully against the white water, great photo! Those logging trucks on the barge are very impressive, that barge must have been huge...very impressive! Have a great Saturday. Hugs, Barb

  5. Beautiful pictures! Always so nice visiting your lovely blog...
    Hug, Titti

  6. What fun to find such a terrific surprise in your photo!

  7. Autumn comes earlier in the North, I suppose.

    Another show to look for! Always on the look out for new shows to watch, on tv and on streaming!


  8. I have to look up the Dr. Blake series! I love those shows! Great pictures. We haven't had much color here yet---very late for us this year. xo Diana

  9. We enjoyed the Dr. Blake series. That's nice you took the time to connect with your Aunt.

  10. Great shot of the salmon swimming upstream. We were in Wells Gray Park during salmon run one year and were so impressed by the efforts the salmon had to make to get up the different falls.

  11. Beautiful shot of the salmon! We enjoy the Australian and English series we've watched, and are looking for new ones. I'll have to check out the Dr. Blake series.

  12. We liked Dr. Blake! What a great visit that must have been!


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