Saturday, October 08, 2022

October Daily 8


Picnicking by the beach in October? Yes, we did! We packed a basket with dinner and the needed accoutrements and drove to Cattle Point. We were not the only ones with this idea - several other groups perched on the rocks and enjoyed the view, too. 

Soft light diffused over the water and the colours changed by the minute, shifting from yellow to pink to purple. Gulls sailed by, white wings glinting in the fading light. A sparrow perched on a piece of driftwood carved by someone with imagination.

Tim spotted this Sharp-Shinned Hawk blending in so well with its surroundings. It soon took off, swooping over rocks and sea.

As the light faded into grey, a gull faced the sun while waves lapped on the rocks.

This little outing felt like a mini-vacation after a day of cooking in preparation for tomorrow's dinner. All is ready, and I look forward to the family gathering. 

Before returning home we walked along the waterfront and watched the moon rise over the water. Not yet full, but almost (tomorrow), it glowed orange and pink, tinted by the wildfire smoke that continues. 

I know that one day these warm, dry, and unusual days of October will turn to cooler, wetter ones. We welcome those after our dry, dry summer, but for now, it's utter delight to picnic by the sea on an October eve. 


  1. What a lovely idea. You had practically identical weather to us. The sea was just as calm here and the skies so clear. I bet you enjoyed that picnic. Enjoy your family meal. B x

  2. I love picnicking at the beach. What a beautiful place to have your dinner. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Picnics outdoors are wonderful.

  4. A picnic on the beach is always a great time :) Lovely, lovely pictures....
    Love from Titti

  5. Beautiful photos and word images! I especially love that last shot. It’s a keeper!

  6. Such a beautiful place to picnic! Your photos are lovely.

  7. Well I am so glad that you did. And the same moon that shines down on you, smiles down on me.

  8. I think it's a lovely idea to enjoy a picnic whenever you can :)

    All the best Jan

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