Sunday, October 23, 2022

October Daily 23:


I pulled the curtains back this morning to see frost on the roofs all around. The frost didn't touch the garden, but I was glad I had clipped dahlias and zinnias a couple of days ago. It won't be long before more frost appears.

This afternoon I brought all of the green tomatoes into the house and placed them on newspaper to hopefully ripen. Many will, some won't. I'll likely make some fried green tomatoes with a few of them. What do you make with green tomatoes? 

As a child, I loved riding my bicycle. Still do, although I don't do it often. That exhilaration of speeding along, wind in my face, spelled freedom. My sister and our friends rode our bicycles all over our part of town, and we were often away for hours at a time, stopping here and there to talk or look at something interesting before jumping on our bikes once more.

Our son loves riding, too, but he does it at a much higher level than I ever did. Early this afternoon we went to the bike track to watch him. He practices Cyclo-cross, where contestants ride a number of laps on a fairly short, but challenging course. I'd never seen a course before, and oh, my goodness, the dips and hairpin corners, steep climbs, and rugged terrain opened my eyes. 

Last weekend, Travis fell during a race and was quite bruised in spots, with severe road rash in other spots. He didn't know if he would compete today, but decided to give it a try. My mother's heart thought he should sit it out. I was rather glad that he couldn't complete the race due to a flat tire. 

I think I'll stick to sedate riding on a roadside or trail. 

Over the weekend it has begun to feel like autumn. The air is crisp and fresh, and the temperatures have dropped in harmony with the leaves fluttering from the trees. More welcome rain is forecast for this coming week, and cozy indoor pursuits will become the norm. 

Wishing you a beautiful week ahead. 


  1. Sedate flat routes are my style of cycling too. I can imagine your angst. Enjoy the cooler weather. No frosts here. They are a rare occurrence. B x

  2. When the frost appears, Winter is definitely on the way. And over here, today the temperature soared up to 30c, so we are switching into Summer. I have tucked a few blankets back into storage. Like you, I rode a bike all through childhood, to school and on expeditions around the area. In my early twenties I bought a Honda light motor cycle, and rode that for a few more years. But alas, the riding skill has now deserted me :)

  3. I can empathize with your concern... but it's exciting, the sport itself. And I am enthusiastic about people who run it. One of my grandchildren competed with the team on Sunday in gymnastics - parallel bars, horizontal bar, vault, rings, floor, horse - the whole program and it actually came out on top... Standing on the podium is always great :-)) )
    I like to ride a bike... but not a cross-country route :-)) Mountains are allowed.
    Good luck to your son and most of all have fun.
    Your bouquet is beautiful... I'm also harvesting tomatoes... the dalias and roses are blooming. I hope the frost stays away for a long time.
    Many greetings to you.
    Thanks for your photos...

  4. I have seen the breakneck speed at which some cyclists attack terrain which I would consider hazardous. The potential for serious injury is not to be under-estimated, to say nothing of the damage to expensive equipment. Think I'll stick to walking!

  5. Prayers Travis heals well, and no more falls
    The flowers are pretty.

  6. Such a cheerful bunch of zinnias in your window! (I love the peek at the pretty quilted mat too.) I totally understand your mother's heart perspective of Travis riding with injuries. Cyclo-cross sounds like it must be thrilling to the participants, but not so much for their mothers!

  7. I'd be worried too!

    "Hark! The wind is rising,
    And the air is full of leaves.
    We've had our summer evenings.
    Now, for October Eves."

  8. We are eating the last of the tomatoes we ripened in the house. Enjoy the fall air!

  9. I can totally understand your feelings on Travis sitting out that race.
    We were away from home last week and, apparently, had our first frost as I came home to dead zinnias. So, I am quite enjoying this glimpse of yours. Before leaving I did pick several green tomatoes. Only one is starting to turn red. I'll be interested to see if they all do as I have no experience cooking or eating green ones.

  10. Love your zinnia's. All the green tomatoes remind me I need to bring mine in too. I sometimes make a green tomato relish, which we quite enjoy. When I was young I also love riding my bike and feeling the wind on my face. Most often I rode all alone and love when I realized I could go places with my bike. That is when I started exploring at the library and bringing home books.

  11. my mother made green tomatoes donuts or green tomatoes jam with them and it was very good. Before my surgeries I liked cycling very much . In the village I lived during the summer time we organised cycling outings every evening . We took the ferry crossed the river Seine and went cycling until dark this is a good memory

  12. I understand your mother’s heart, Lorrie. Two of my sons are bike riders and the one does mountain biking in Colorado. He has his little girls biking, too. When I was young, my friends and I rode all over the place. Those were the carefree days!
    I’m off to check out your ginger cookie recipe for I scrolled through your previous posts.


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