Thursday, October 20, 2022

October Daily 20:


One last semi-bright day. A fine rain fell for a few moments this morning, and we're hoping for much more over the next week or so. Lilac bushes are not particularly striking other than when the lilacs bloom, but I do admire their autumn colours from my kitchen window. 

Today at school we had an earthquake drill. Duck, cover, and count before evacuating. There are also fire drills. In Ecuador, we had earthquake, fire, and volcano drills. Procedures were a bit different for each one. 

Tomorrow morning I plan to cut bouquets of roses and dahlias and zinnias. Our temperatures are not expected to freeze just now, but rain can damage blossoms, and I'd just as soon enjoy them indoors. 


  1. Raindrops on dahlias...picture perfect! We have yet to have rain, but we are ready.

  2. When I was a principal we had fire and earthquake drills. When I was a kid we had the air raid drills, not that they would have save us from a direct or near hit living near Los Angeles. During a staff meeting when local police were presenting about drug awareness there was a small earthquake. The whole staff ducked under the desks and the cops just stood there up front. We all thought it was very telling about their seriousness. - Margy

  3. That is a beautiful photo of the flower!

  4. Earthquake drill sounds scary. Hope you have plenty of rain. Enjoy your day off tomorrow. B x

  5. Pretty flower. Happy Rain!
    As a child in New England, fire and Abomb drills were the norm.

  6. Ohhh do cut those beautiful blooms!!!!!

    So your area can have earthquakes... Well, guess just about anywhere can.

    🎃 💛 🎃 💛 🎃

  7. i had earthquakes twice when I stayed in Japan it was quite scary!
    I hope you enjoy your meal.

  8. It's so different having a day with some light rain. Hopefully we get more.
    Pretty Dahlia with the raindrops.

  9. Those autumn colors make my heart sing! I hope you're enjoying your bouquet of garden flowers while you are getting the rain that you need!

  10. I've never experienced an earthquake before. I pray that I will never have to.
    Glorious photos as always, Lorrie.
    Hugs and blessings 💐


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