Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thanksgiving Table Setting

Canadian Thanksgiving always falls on the second Monday of October. Monday is our actual Thanksgiving Day, but turkey dinners are enjoyed on any day throughout the long weekend.
This year, we had ours on Saturday night, to accommodate everyone's schedule.

I'm not a real fan of oranges and browns, so a couple of years ago I found this aubergine coloured tablecloth fabric and bought a length for our fall table. The centerpiece always has to be minimal, according to the man I married, because it's the food that is supposed to sit on the table. So a few miniature pumpkins, some dried and curling autumn leaves, candles and smooth stones decoupaged with words of things for which to give thanks comprised our centerpiece. I also used the stones as place cards, cutting letters out of magazines to form the names of all those who sat around the table.

And oh, what a lovely time we had. Surrounded by good food, laughter and the love of family - our hearts were full and the memories linger like warm chocolate puddles in my mind.

We enjoyed:

Salad greens with roasted cherry tomatoes
and crispy fried sage leaves

Mashed Potatoes
Yams with a pecan/brown sugar crust and a hint of orange
Paprika crumbed broccoli
Cranberry sauce

Pumpkin Cheesecake

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  1. A lovely table -- love the richness of the tablecloth and the centerpiece is fall!

  2. Lorrie, what a beautiful table.

    I love your centerpiece and your clever idea of decoupaging the stones ~ that is brilliant!

    Reading your menu makes my mouth water ~ it sounds like you had an absolutely lovely Thanksgiving. I'm sure everyone enjoyed themselves very much.


  3. Love the stones with the names written on them very creative

  4. Your table is lovely and the way the love for family comes through your words, even more so. I think the menu sounds yummy. I've enjoyed my visit.


  5. The menu sounds devine ... your table is lovely.

  6. Hi Lorrie your tablescape is really pretty! It's a lovely fall table! love all the colored pumpkins! have a nice evening and thanks for sharing!

  7. This is quite beautiful - love that tablecloth and your centerpiece is very pretty too.

  8. Sounds like a feast, and to be enjoyed in such a pretty setting!

    Quite lovely.

  9. Good Morning Lorrie,

    Looks like your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We will also be sharing more than one. We will have one here in East TN and another in NE AR. I figure there's never too many opportunities to give Thanks unto God for HE is good!

    Have a great Friday and a fabulous weekend.

  10. Lovely table and delicious menu. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  11. Looks like you had a fun thanksgiving. I did too! Beautiful table : )

  12. So I want to know about the crispy fried sage leaves---never heard of doing this and I have lots of sage. I am not supposed to fry things...but tell me about it anyways---you add this to the salad??? Perhaps I could bake mine? Let me know what you do and what you do with it!

  13. Thanks for the answer about the sage leaves--I will have to try this (maybe tonight!)

  14. Ok, so I just tried a baked version of the "fried sage leaves" and ooooooooo thanks for the idea. I had my oven at 445 and sprayed my sheet with pam and sprayed the leaves slightly with pam and in just a few minutes (forgot to time it) they were crisp and so delicious. I sprinkled them on my salad and will eat it in a few moments!! I will put this on my recipe blog later--thanks so much for the idea!!! I have lots of sage and it wintered over last year--hope it does the same this year!!

  15. What a wonderful idea...the stones with special words. I may just copy that idea, if you don't mind, to bring something different to the holiday feast and gathering.

  16. Hi again--here is what my salad looked like:

    Thanks again for the idea!

  17. I just found a black table runner for $4 at a thrift store yesterday, so you've given me some good ideas on using black effectively. Thanks for posting.


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