Friday, October 16, 2009

Projects On the Go

I've been busy lately, mostly with studies. I have an Anthropology mid-term coming up next Tuesday and the amount of material that needs to be in my little brain is staggering. I also have a craft fair coming up on the 24th - one week from tomorrow. I have quite a lot of things that are half or three-quarters finished, but lacking the final touches. These felted flower pins are one example. I like to do some handwork for an hour or two in the evening before heading for bed. It calms me down and lets all those dates and archaeological sites settle into the folds of my brain. I have a mishmash of items for the craft fair, most are using recycled items - like felted wool sweaters for these pins.
I'm really enjoying handstitching books together. I sat in front of the fire last night and stitched these three. Now to embellish the covers a little. I used old hardcover books for the covers and some wonderfully toothy Arches paper for the signatures.

And another recycled sweater item - felted wool coasters. I felted a couple of sweaters that turned into such thick cloth that it's not suitable for machine stitching. I had planned to make pillows out of them, but these will become coasters. Kind of Christmassy, don't you think?

Now, back to the books for an hour or so before heading out to get a much needed haircut.
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  1. Lorrie, you amaze me continually with all the wonderful things that come as a result of your handiwork.

    Love those sweater coasters. And your felt flower pins are so much fun!

    Year ago when I did calligraphy I tried my hand at hand stitched books. I look forward to glimpsing some of that 'toothy' paper! Isn't that a great word -- toothy. I like toothsome as well.

    I can well imagine you sitting down of an evening and working some 'magic' with your hands.

    So glad you share........

  2. Dear Lorrie,
    You are taking a test in Anthropology??!! Oh... how I admire you!!! One of my girlfriends Mary, also majored in Anthropology. She taught me so much~

    Your felt roses are very nice~
    Do have a wonderful weekend!

  3. love your felt coasters....good luck on your mid-term exam..

  4. This is you relaxing ? I'd like to see you in full swing ! Love the Christmas-y coasters .
    I hope the exam went well !

  5. Hello,

    These felt roses are lovely!
    I hope you are making tons of them for sale...they will be all gone!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  6. I love the roses and the coasters. I'll have to have a look at which craft sale occurs on the 24th. I can picture one of those on my hat!
    There's nothing I like more than an evening with my needlework - especially at this time of year.

  7. You are so incredibly talented. Your home must be beautiful and everyone you love must be spoiled by you. What a wonderful way to live.

  8. Hi Lorrie...o.k. here I am showing my ignorance again!! I made the remark recently that I learned new stuff all the time from blogging and I really do! You said you "felted" some sweaters? Are you saying that you took old sweater yard and somehow turned it into felt? If that is a stupid assumption, just laugh at me and forget I ever asked...LOL

    I do think those red coasters look ALOT like Christmas! Good luck on your craft fair and on that TEST!

    Have a great week!

  9. Hi Jacque,

    Yep, you just wash wool or mostly wool sweaters in hot water and dry them in the dryer and voila, you've got felted wool that won't ravel at all when you cut it. I look for sweaters at thrift shops. There's so many wonderful things to make from them - they're just like fabric that doesn't need the edges finished. Check out Betz White's blog ( for lots of wonderful ideas and tutorials. She also has a couple of books out that you might find in the library.



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