I've always loved the idea of monograms - embroidered in white thread on white sheets, pillowcases, napkins and tablecloths - or front and center on a piece of thick stationery - or on note cards - or stenciled on a wall.

Well, thanks to Cathe at Just Something I Made, I now have my very own personal monograms to use in a kazillion ways. She had a giveaway and I won! Yippee! Thank you, Cathe. And without further are my monograms....

Aren't they lovely? Cathe collects vintage monograms and goes through them to find the initials required. Sometimes she combines vintage monograms to get the initials she wants. If you check out her blog, you'll see what you can do with monograms, and lots of other wonderful stuff Cathe is up to. She's a very creative lady.


  1. Hi Lorrie...what a great gift!! I will have to mosey on over and check out Cathe's website. Thank you for sharing. I can't wait to see what you do with some of the monograms--I know you already have your creative juices flowing!

    Have a great weekend.

  2. I agree completely. I LOVE monograms -- on everything. Lucky, lucky you.

  3. Oh I love a gorgeous monogram and yours are just wonderful!

  4. Ohhhhhh..... how absolutely delightful! Congrats on winning and have fun with your new treasure!

  5. They are gorgious, what a great giveaway Lorrie.

    We have just finished an Indian summer too, beautifully warm and mellow but now it's back to reality with cold, overcast and wet.

    I see you too are continuing to harvest tomatoes as are we. We do not have any lingering Lavernder though. Long since gone.

  6. Oh my gosh....those are just gorgeous! That was a fabulous give away to win!!


  7. Wow, now I feel like I need to mentally curtsy in your presence! What a wondeful prize in a giveaway!


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