Thursday, January 08, 2009

Focus and Direction

My big plan right now is to keep plugging away at my French degree and then get my teacher certification. It's a course I set out and I'm determined to finish. But oh my, so many other things crowd my mind. Ideas for crafts, books to read, sewing projects, creative writing ideas. I do keep up with some sewing and crafting for relaxation, but mostly I push those thoughts away and tell myself, "just finish this degree." It's going to take a few years and seems daunting at times.

Like our two daughters pretending to be intrepid explorers in the photo above, I have to keep my eyes on the long-term goal, on the horizon ahead.
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  1. Keep your eyes in the horizon and go ahead . Do everything you want and are able to do . Butt remember enjoy, don't force youself too hard .

  2. I am sure you will make it Lorrie and eventually look back and it wont seem so long.

    I too sometimes have that daunting feeling about all I have set myself to do. I have to take time and just do the next thing otherwise I become overwhelmed and do nothing.

    Love the snow picture.


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