Sunday, May 02, 2010

Exciting Times Ahead

There were candles and rose petals....

...a table for two on the beach....

...chocolate covered strawberries and champagne...

....a question and an answer....

and photographers hidden behind rocks and trees....

The answer to the question was YES, the champagne cork popped and Ashley and Owen can't stop smiling. Our youngest is getting married - in 4 or 5 months! Yikes! Lots of planning to do. We'll know the date when we get the venue!

We're all so very happy. Congratulations Ashley and Owen!


  1. Well, Lorrie - nothing like a wedding to get things moving!! Our oldest married in May - we had moved in on April 1st!
    What a romantic proposal!

  2. Oh how romantic! Now you have your work cut out getting ready!

  3. Oh Lorrie how delightful the months ahead will be. Planning the special day for your dear girl Ashley.

  4. How wonderful! Congratulations to them both, and to you too!

  5. How sweet ... actually this leaves me speechless, I can't get the right words. How wonderful. Bless them, bless his heart. So thoughtful. What love.

  6. Oh how very the lurking photographer LOL..join the club, our son is getting married in July of this year..lots of love and hugs to you and your family...

  7. HOW EXCITING~~~~~~
    Thanks for sneaking the photos!!
    What a beautiful word!


  8. Congratulations to Ashley and Owen and best wishes for a long and happy marriage! What a beautiful and romantic venue to pop the big question! How lucky photographers just happened to be hiding nearby to document the momentous occasion. Funny how these things work out sometime!

  9. Congratulations to the happy couple! I can't wait to read all about the plans and the wedding. How sweet that he let "photographers" hide to record to event in pictures.

    Have a great week!

  10. Congratulations! What a wonderful setting!

  11. These days the men are so creative in the ways they propose - it was nice you were invited to watch the proposal. Have fun helping plan the wedding. I'm glad to be helping a friend with her daughter's wedding and hope one day my children will meet someone special...

  12. A ginormous congratulations!!!! What a beautiful way to begin life's journey together. Thanks for sharing. I can only imagine how you must be beaming. =)

  13. Congratulations to all! What great pic's of the proposal.

    You are in for a lot of fun!


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