Monday, May 24, 2010

Flowers to Snow to Beach

We've had a thoroughly wonderful and busy weekend. All of our children came up, in shifts, over the three days. Friday night our eldest daughter and her husband arrived in time for dinner and we had a lovely evening together. We watched the movie Chocolat and then chatted until midnight!

The next day we thought we'd take a hike on Mount Washington. We wanted to see the wildflowers.And walk along the boardwalk. Hmmmm.

Instead, we went hiking in the snow. When we caught glimpses of the boardwalk, it was under three feet of snow. Good thing we'd brought layers of clothing.

Most of the trail markers were under the snow, but Tim noticed a corner poking up and dug this one out. They are normally about waist height.

The compass and map came in handy since the markers were lost in the snow. I don't think we really found out where we were, but we didn't get lost thanks to our trusty guides.

I took the opportunity to make a snow angel. Bad idea. The wet snow soaked into my blue jeans instantly. Good thing it wasn't cold out! But a hot shower when we got home sure felt good.

That night our son and his wife arrived for dinner. We played a rousing game of Puerto Rico on the living room floor and then chatted until after midnight. I didn't want to go to bed - I might miss something! So I propped my eyes open and we laughed and chatted until we all headed off.

Sunday morning we took a walk on the beach. It was drizzly and cool, but the waves rushed upon the shore, the gulls picked their way through the water, and the air smelled of the salty sea.

Our daughter and her husband left around noon, our son and his wife stayed until later. The gentlemen snoozed after lunch while the ladies read. 

Tim and I headed out to evening church, then spent a quiet evening at home. We did not stay up until midnight.

This morning our youngest daughter and her fiancĂ© arrived. We spent the day discussing wedding plans. They left at 7:00, after dinner. Now it's 2 1/2 hours later and I just got off the phone - they had a flat tire on the way back to Victoria. I'm thankful that they are safe and well. 

Cooking and hosting the people I love is one of my favourite things to do. It's a tangible way of showing love. And now, I think there are enough leftovers in the fridge for a few days of NOT cooking, which is also a good thing!


  1. Your weekend sounds wonderful,you packed so much into it.
    I can't believe all that snow, when will summer arrive up there?

  2. Good Morning Lorrie,

    Checking in with you this morning! I love reading about your family get-togethers--I can tell they are your favorite thing to do!

    Have a great week.

  3. Played Puerto Rico? Now I'm intrigued as I have no idea what that is. Sounds like the kind of weekend that every mother loves having her chickies all gathered round. I was shocked by all that snow and suprised also to know that you have a Mount Washington!

  4. Never a dull moment at your place! Who would have thought we had a shortage of snow for the winter Olympics back in February...and such an abundance now.

    You might want to blog Puerto Rico...I'm always game for a new game!

  5. hi lorrie,

    what fun and lovely pics, too!


  6. Anonymous12:51 PM

    Hi again I am hooked on your blog as well as Colin and Melissa's. This is Dawna Motz... Are you the relatives that they went to see a little while back? I remember seeing pics of Melissa and Colin on the ferry??? I love the island! We have been to Victoria, Comox area and travelled over to love it!! There is a BnB that I really want to visit on Salt Spring Island. It is called Clam Beach BnB and looks like a great spot. My husband, Darrell, and I will get away next week end to another favorite Bnb spot called The Prairie Creek Inn by Rocky Mountain House. Thanks for your great pics and have a great sunny day :)

  7. Sounds like a wonderful family time.

    I used to write dozens of letters a week at once time. How our computers have changed that.

  8. What a really nice 'all together' weekend. Glad you had a lovely time. xx


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