Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nature Inspired

When we walk on the beach I'm always on the lookout for sea glass. What you see above represents everything I've found so far. A lot of our beaches are just too rocky for glass. But I'll also pick up interesting stones, small pieces of driftwood, shells or whatever takes my fancy. 

I bring them home and put them into a dish, or line them up on a table top or windowsill and admire their organic shapes. I have small bags of such treasures stashed away in the cupboard and periodically I take them out and shuffle things around.

I think that a room is not complete without something from nature in it. A living plant on one side of the mantel combines with a crystal vase holding tall sculptural twigs for a vignette with lots of texture.

Now that summer is soon to come (I hope - it's been raining steadily the past few days), there will be flowers and herbs galore. I like to bundle lavender in an old linen napkin, tie it with some ribbon and lay it, like a bouquet, on a tabletop. When the lavender dries it can be gently crumbled off the stems and used for sachets in the linen closet.

Here, sea glass combines with candles and a jug of rosemary for a pretty summer table setting. If flowers are scarce, greenery is a great option. This year, in our new home, with deer munching almost everything in sight, I'll be looking for more of this kind of growth to fill my home with fragrance and colour. Deer don't like herbs, I've been told. 

Bringing nature indoors adds texture and life to a room. I'm inspired by the infinite colours and shapes that exist in creation. I'd love to hear your ideas for how you bring a bit of the outside into your home.


  1. Hello Lorrie,
    Thank you so much for stopping by! It is always so nice to receive nice comments as you did!
    Loved your post of today too! I see that you love bringing in nature as I love to do!
    A big hug!

  2. I like that idea with the Lavender. I shall try that instead of hanging it up.

    Your beach finds are attractive.

  3. I like to pick up beach glass too. I keep a very large mussel shell (opalescent blue) on my bedside table and a sachet of lavender under my pillow. Every fall I make up a huge bouquet of strawflowers, hang them up to dry and then enjoy their colours all autumn long.

  4. How beautiful! Wonderful post and pictures!

  5. Stones, lavender, greenery, walks on the beach, a snow angel, and a family weekend. You share your enjoyment of life with all of us Lorrie. Thank you.

  6. A great way to display lavender! Thnaks for sharing. And rosemary on the summer table looks great. Good ideas...all around.

  7. Beautiful! I LOVED your mantle piece display. You inspire me to add some flourish to my own.

  8. I really like sea glass but haven't got very much. A cheer goes up when I find a blue bit - that seems to be scarce.
    As for bringing the outside in, I haven't told my daughter yet but in our freezer is some snow I saved from January. She's on half term next week. I might get it out when her cousin visits. It'll last just a few minutes but I bet it causes excitment. xx

  9. Hi Lorrie,
    First of all, many thanks for popping in to see me and commenting.
    I love your sea glass. My blogging friend in the U.S. sent me some sea glass and it's on my mantlepiece in my study. ... and, I love the way you have wrapped the lavender in a napkin. I think that I will have to do that in the summer. Many thanks for the inspiration.
    Have a great weekend. XXXX

  10. Lorrie, I have enjoyed catching up. Congratulations to your daughter and future son-in-law! That going to be taking some of your time this summer, I am sure. Many plans, such fun! Loved seeing the pictures of you two hiking and the pictures of the mothers in your life. Stunning picture of that purple shell on the beach and I so enjoyed reading the thoughts that little shell provoked.



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