Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Spring's Flirting Ways

February seemed warmer and sunnier than this first week of May. Hail pelts against windows, wind shreds the petals from tulips apart and scatters the cherry blossoms like confetti.

This past weekend while I was in Victoria, I took a wander through our old yard. (Our daughter is living in the basement suite, with renters upstairs.) Bluebells were one of the few flowers in bloom just now. I took this picture a year ago and it reminds me that I need to find a new mint plant for the garden here. It shouldn't be hard given the way that mint loves to spread. It's impossible to get rid of it. I love its vigorous green growth.

These cornflowers or bachelor's buttons - I've heard them called both - are blooming in our yard here. It's a perennial that scatters itself around the yard, but not uncontrollably. Blue flowers are relatively rare, but are some of my favourites.

On the renovation front, the master bedroom carpet is being replaced on Friday. Last night we took everything out of the walk in closet. Other closets are packed full, and there are piles of things on the dining room floor. It's a mess all right. We painted the room (and closet) a lovely shade of gray called Fine Silver.

I had to pick up more paint at the hardware store yesterday and as the girl mixed the paint she said, "mmm" just like some of us say over chocolate. She said the colors she was putting in were just beautiful. Then when I went to take the can to the cashier, she said, "oh, wait, let me open it. I want to look at it." And it is beautiful. I'll be taking more photos as the room comes together. But I think I've found the colour that I want throughout the rest of the house.

I hung this collage that I made a couple of years ago above my kitchen sink here in my new home. This photo was taken elsewhere. It reminds me that home is where I make it, and that friends to welcome are found everywhere. It just takes time.


  1. I love the way that the paint shop people are so in love with their products! Can't wait to see the finished result!

  2. Great post...... praying for your new home and you!

  3. I LOVE your artwork...... this piece you've hung over your kitchen sink would be a lovely piece to look at every day!

  4. Looking forward to seeing the room all finished and I'm really interested in seeing this grey silver colour!

  5. Can't wait to see those photos!
    Do you know, it snowed here on Tuesday afternoon! I couldn't believe it!
    Some time when you're down, let me know, and we'll take a walk through Ross Bay - it truly is beautiful.

  6. I am sure that once you settle into your home and your new church, you won't be able to keep the friends at bay!! You are a lovely person and I'm sure that everyone is dying to meet you and your family.

    That does sound like a yummy color! Can't wait to see what all you do with it.


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