Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wedding Plans

It's going to be a short engagement. The date is set for September 4 and things are falling into place quite nicely. The dress is ordered, the church for the ceremony reserved, pastor consulted. Lots of little details still need to be taken care of, but step by step we'll get there.

Ashley is planning to use my veil, so today I'll be clipping all those 70s daisies off the edges. As I clip I'll remember my own wedding day and how beautiful it was. I felt like a princess, glowing and happy. I have never regretted marrying my husband although it hasn't all been wine and roses.

I wondered what to do with the trim I'm removing and came up with what I think is a brilliant plan. I'm going to save it for embellishing dresses for my granddaughters. A little bit of heritage passed down to those not yet born.

The ceremony will be rather formal, in a beautiful downtown church with stained glass windows and high arches. But the reception is going to be much more casual. Ashley has talked about a medieval fair type atmosphere for her wedding, long before Owen came on the scene. Envision this flower-strewn field set with round tables, white linen, and sparkling glasses. It's an Artifact Society, and this patch of grass is surrounded by antique farm equipment, a pond, walking trails and quaint buildings. Since Ashley works for a company that designs museum displays and cultural presentations, this is just perfect!

Oh, it's going to be so much fun!


  1. Hi Lorrie,
    Oh what a wonderful time!!! Planning a wedding is just gorgeous, isn't it?
    Thank you so much for stopping by today!!

  2. don't have a lot of time. But it will be beautiful and full of wonderful memories.
    Looks like you had a beautiful veil and I love your idea...hope you have little grand "Daughters!" I was hoping for a little granddaughter...but received the most wonderful little grandson. If that happens, you can use in their artwork. Matt is a great little artist and we use all kinds of things in his work.

    Have a wonderful day!
    Hugs, Nancy

  3. What a lovely idea to use the daisies later. You must be so busy with plans now....have you had time to unpack yet?!

  4. Oh yes! Fun it certainly will be. Lovely idea for the daisy trim, too. Now let us just pray you in some grandgirlies in a few years. (I shall not have grandgirlies so I must get my thrills from those who do.)

  5. That will be quick! From the sounds of it the wedding & reception are going to be beautiful!

  6. Great idea about the daisies, Lorrie, and September should be a perfect month for a beautiful wedding.

  7. Now that's something really special to plan and look forward to! Enjoy it all!

  8. It will be beautiful, Lorrie!
    My sister and her husband have been busy all week long transforming their garden into a medieval site for their son's wedding. It looks quite incredible - bunting, shields, two outdoor fireplaces - and we are all to come in costume. The Great Dane will be - well, a Viking, of course!

  9. Your plan for the daisies...perfect!

    Enjoy all the wedding preparations. It sounds like a unique and fun reception.

  10. This is great! I got married in the 70's....had daisies...too funny! My daughter's wedding is the end of July...we ARE in wedding mode, too!

  11. Oh my sweet daughter adores daisies so it breaks my heart a wee bit to see them clipped off.
    Still, how lovely that she will wear your veil.

  12. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Hello name is Dawna otz and I am Melissa's aunt :) Our family lives in Hanna, AB and we enjoy rural, country life very much. I have seen your name many times on Colin's blog and know your heart is heavy for them as mine is. But we will keep praying and supporting them however they need us to.
    I finally clicked on your profile the other day and have enjoyed it very much! We have so many of the same interests...accept I think you get soooo much more done!! Our family owns and operates That Country Place and enjoy meeting people from all over Canada and other parts of the world. My son, Ben,and I just got back from a trip to Germ, Austria, Italy and Switzerland, so I found it interesting that you also enjoyed a trip abroad. Anyways, it was nice to meet you online and I wish you a great day!! Dawna

  13. Anonymous7:51 AM

    Oops... missed the "M" in my last name... Dawna Motz, Melissa's dad, Glen, and my husband, Darrell are brothers :)

  14. I like the idea of saving the daisies for the future. Enjoy all aspects of wedding planning. xx

  15. I wore my mom's veil too, but I left the daisies around the edges :)


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