Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Autumn Colours

The predicted rain has held off for a couple of days, which cheers me up no end. Intense blue skies and sunshine beguile me outdoors. 

Everywhere, leaves carpet the ground in mottled shades of warm brown, dull green, golden yellow and deep red.

Light dapples leaves, creating poetry for the eyes.

Golfers continue their games on the course across the street. I ignore them and focus on the grasses and trees.

This morning gave warning that the autumn colour will soon be a memory. Frost added its beauty to the morning, although it is quickly melting. I stood and watched leaves fall, one by one in incessant abandon from the ornamental cherry tree. Soon bare branches will stand stark against the sky.

These last silly roses, blooming in November, undeterred by the calendar, remain beautiful glittered by frost.

"Autumn ... the year's last, loveliest smile."

~ William C. Bryant


  1. The last glimpse..... lovely!

    We had a hissy fit snow flurry yesterday afternoon, and now our world is white... no more autumn glimpses in this corner of the world.

  2. gorgeous colours will soon become a memory; mine here already are.

    all are gone, autumn has turned dull and dreary, only the landscape itself is still beautiful, shrouded in mist.

  3. Beautiful! I'm so enjoying the 'year's last, lovely smiles' this year.

  4. Oh the photography is wonderful. That new camera of yours? The frost kissed roses and the leaf carpet are my favorites. Do you see how cold it is up there in Alaska? I hope none of that is heading in your direction or mine!

  5. Lorrie - I think your photos and words are lovely and the nicest I've seen this fall! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  6. I saw some roses in someone else's yard the other day and was so surprised!

  7. Oh, everything so beautiful, and blooming roses in November too!

  8. Wonderful shots of autumn foliage, that touch of frost adds a new element and outlines each leaf and bud.
    I can tell you are enjoying your new camera.

  9. These are the most beautiful autumn images!
    Just as I love it!


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