Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Colour in my World

Grey November weather has set in. Outside, all is dull greens and browns under wet skies. I was craving colour while playing with my new camera. A bowl of Clementines in the kitchen and a pottery plate from Mexico seemed to cry out to be together. Orange and blue. Almost Vincent Van Gogh-ish.  Satisfyingly intense.

One of those Clementines tasted delicious, too.


  1. I sure don't like the gray fall and winter days either. Thank goodness we haven't had too many yet.

  2. A little hot colour to warm us up on a very cold night. When I arrived at Swartz Bay this evening at 9 I had to scrape the car I'd left in long-term parking!

  3. A very lovely and uplifting image for a gray November day and a fabulous photo!

    Sorry for late commenting, but just back from Germany, sorting out everything here...


  4. Frida Kahlo would have loved this!

  5. You were right, this combination is beautiful indeed.

  6. A little splash of colour on a grey day...perfect! Now I'm off to get a mandarin orange to snack on.

  7. You're so right Lorrie, the orange against the blue is a stunning combination! Have fun with the camera


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