Tuesday, November 01, 2011

How They Grow

Thirty years ago, in a small jungle hospital in South America, our first little girl was born. She was a little early, and I remember lying in my bed thinking how happy I was to have a child, and how sad I was that none of my family knew about her. 

There was one telephone in the town, but it functioned rarely. No email, no Skype, no Facebook. Instead, we waited until the next evening when another expat had a scheduled Ham radio contact and was able to patch through a phone call.

We tried calling my parents, Tim's parents, one sibling and finally reached another. As soon as we connected with my sister, I burst into tears and Tim had to provide the details. 

That little girl is now a beautiful woman, in love with her wonderful husband. Together they walk hand in hand through life. 

But somewhere, deep inside my heart, she will always be my little girl.
Happy Birthday, sweet daughter!


  1. Happy 30th to your daughter! You do forget how much things have changed over that time.

  2. Gosh, Lorrie, it sounds like the Dark Ages (with all respect to your very young daughter) when you describe it that way. What a story! Yet, I so well remember the ham operators who sent messages to missionaries and those stationed on ships in the South Pacific or something. I think that I'll bless God now for the progress made in communication in 30 short years!

    Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  3. Lorrie - I understand your emotions back then. I was in Fort St John when my son was born and it seemed a world away from family - not quite like your experience at all ! Our children's birthdays will always be special days in our lives though and where have all those years gone?

  4. what a lovely tribute~ kids are such a gift from God!

  5. And now your youngest is half a world away . . . so thankful that the technology is there to enable easy communication. Happy Birthday to your big girl, Lorrie.

  6. Most touching...your tribute to your 'little girl'! Happy Birthday to her.

  7. Beautiful tribute. It sounds like you and your daughter almost share a Birthday. By the way, I was also born in South America.
    I am so glad that communication is easier today, as our daughter is half a world away.

  8. Oh my, South America? wow. How it's all changed now. I hope she had a great day. Thirty years are really just nothing in a way aren't they?

  9. Hard to imagine now just how we managed in those days.


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