Friday, November 18, 2011

The First Snow

A wintry sight greeted us this morning. I grew up in northern BC where winters are interminable, lasting into April or sometimes May. Now I live where winters are mild, but still cold and grey. I enjoy the snow. It brightens the landscape. I hope I never become so hardened that the magic of the first snowfall never ceases to stir a sense of wonder and delight in me.

As soon as Tim left for work this morning I pulled on my boots and coat and headed outside to take pictures.  I wanted to capture the snow before it disappears. The temperature is hovering around freezing and is expected to climb today.

Our daughter in Berlin asked me how much snow we had. So sweetie, this photo is for you - about an inch.

A couple of days ago I collected a few pine cones from branches that blew down in the windstorm. They were closed up tight, sodden things. Baking them at 250 degrees on a parchment covered baking sheet caused them to crisp and open right up, filled the house with a lovely resinous scent, and killed any lurking critters in the cones. (I did find a few corpses.)

Mia, in Norway, (who has a lovely blog, written in English) mentioned that she collected the moss for her bulbs several weeks ago. What a good idea, I thought. And so I went out with my little basket and pulled up moss from beside the roadway. Last night I spent a happy puttery hour planting the paper whites in gravel and covering the pots with moss. I saved the bulbs from last year so I hope they have enough oomph to bloom again this year. Have any of you saved paper white bulbs?

More puttering is on the schedule for today. Laundry, vacuuming, dusting, a few errands. How about you? What's on your plate?


  1. Glad that you have an open heart for snow. I don't. Not yet.

    Oh that is a splendid idea. How pretty it will be to have paperwhites blooming with the moss tucked all around their feet. I don't do paperwhites finding their aroma unsettling, but I think it would translate for other bulbs, too. Thank you!

  2. Hello Lorrie,

    I can't wait for snow! Love it!
    I am a Winter creature...he, he, he!
    Love these photos and what a fabulous idea for your paper whites. I need to get some...


  3. My paper whites are growing in water this year, but I love the moss idea.

  4. Thank you for posting with such joy about the new snow - your enthusiasm is infectious! I had to work late last night, so the little snow we received was a worry, but I made it home just fine!
    I haven't yet planted paperwhites, but I'm glad I waited until I saw your post!

  5. Oh, so beautiful!

  6. Suddenly I felt the fresh zing that snow brings to the air. Thank you for this post. xx

  7. The first snow fall is magical, everything looks so clean and crisp.
    Today, so far, I've been to the supermarket, walked my dog, done 2 loads of washing, prepared breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea, & bought glace fruits from the Apt, France, to decorate my christmas cake!

  8. I, like you, Lorrie, hope I will always be amazed by the first snow of the season. There is something magical about it.

    I read your next post and was so moved by your words. Thank you for the wonderful affirmations that we all deserve to love and be loved. Much of St. Augustine's writngs resonate with me.

  9. I have only seen snow once - a few years ago in Tasmania - it was so magical. I hope you always enjoy the magic of the first snowfall.
    Thankyou for sharing it with us!

    Have a wonderful week. And thank you so much for stopping by my blog to say hi.

  10. There is something magical about the first snowfall, I have to agree. Glad you captured it in such lovely photos, Lorrie.

    How clever to collect the moss for planting indoor bulbs. I have never had paper whites myself, even though I did sell them at the flower shop. Will look forward to seeing if yours bloom.


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