Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Of Beaches and Boxes

It's no secret that I love the beach here. It's my favorite place to walk.  According to a study published in Nature magazine, walking increases thinking skills. I find that knotty problems and confused emotions often sort themselves out into manageable chunks when I take a walk.

Picking up pieces of flotsam and jetsam, be they shells, rocks, bits of driftwood, or sea glass, is a habit of mine. I sometimes discard my treasures at the end of the walk, and sometimes bring them home to remind me of the incessant rhythms of water and sky. 

Last week I drilled some holes, broke apart a couple of old necklaces, and strung together this driftwood mobile that will hang outside on our deck to remind me of the beach.

But the deck it will hang from will not be here. My husband's new position (same organization) is taking us back to our home in the south of the Island. It's all happened suddenly. Very suddenly. To say I'm happy is an understatement. I'm overjoyed, thrilled, have to pinch myself to believe it. 

So there are boxes. I'm unpacking Christmas decorations and packing books. The children are coming here for Christmas. And then, before the first of the year, we'll be on the move. Again. 

On the first Sunday of Advent I wrote about cultivating calm this season. This is one of the reasons. So far, so good. Lists and working ahead are tools that are helping me cope. And now that my studies are finished, I have so much more time. But oh my, does it ever fly by!


  1. Hooray!!! I'm so very happy for you, and (selfishly) for me too, as I would welcome more opportunities to sit and knit with you. What a Christmas you'll have!

  2. Oh my goodness! You have a lot on your plate this month. Wishing you a calm and peaceful advent...and all the best with your move.

  3. On the move again but heading in the right direction - home!
    The driftwood mobile is great, it will be wonderful souvenir of your walks by the sea.

  4. I am so happy for you Lorrie! That sounds like a wonderful Christmas gift for you to be moving back "home". I do hope the move goes well for y'all!

    You did a fabulous job making that driftwood mobile. It will bring back lots of memories, I'm sure, when you get settled back into your new "old" place.

    I am sure that your time spent THERE will have been for that "time to every purpose under the Heaven".

    Have a wonderful productive day!

  5. Hello Lorrie,

    Good for you! Great news!


  6. I'm so happy that this is a good move for you. So, you will still be right by the ocean? Praying for smooth sailing in your move...

  7. At least you are happy about the move, wouldn't it be terrible if you weren't?

    I love your mobile, what a clever idea and how beautifully executed.

  8. How happy that you're moving back to where you want to be -- and that you made the most of being away from that home. I love your mobile and immediately thought of a few necklaces I'd gladly take apart in such a cause. A future project . . .

  9. Oh if you are thrilled then so am I. I can't imagine all that it will entail, but I don't have to. You are happy and that is enough.

  10. You are going to be one busy girl this month! Moving is fun when it's somewhere you'd like to be.
    I drove out to Bamboozled today and fell in love with almost everything!

  11. Oh Lorrie - you're going home - how wonderful! Every moment this Christmas will be filled with anticipation of living close once again to your family and friends. It will be a dream come true! I'm happy for you both.

  12. I'm so excited for you!! I felt the very same when we got transferred back to Texas after 18 months in California in the 80's. I was ecstatic! Love the mobile.


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